Rental housing two people have strangled the girl was a sad story of forensic reduction steam_api.dll

Rental housing two people have the girl was strangled sad story is forensic reduction two living under one roof Guizhongmiyou, facing the threat of death, how to choose? Two young women were killed in a common rental housing, leaving only a man footprint, and one of the victims was apparently killed by the force of the two, who is the murderer? How many people are there in the end? Forensic layers of investigation, but to restore a sad story. Two room bestie killed leaving the scene of a man’s footprint in summer, afternoon, a rented room in Nangang district. The 23 year old Mary opened the door, on the same day, she is about to return home to visit relatives with cousin allison. Into a door, Mary felt wrong, Allison’s roommate Mei lying on the sofa in the living room, the room has a bloody taste. With wide eyes, blood on the head of a long out of breath. Screamed, Mary ran out of the room. Police rushed to the Nangang police cordoned off the scene immediately, and in the rental, 25 year old and 24 year old Mei Allison had no breathing. Investigation of forensic Fu Tielei on-site inspection found that Allison fell on the bed of the bedroom, his hands were tied, not surface trauma, has obvious pinch marks on the neck; a fall in the living room, head trauma, the neck also pinch marks; rental locks have been pry marks, the murderer is likely to be breaking into the room; a few a man’s foot was also found in the room. Mary told the police still suffering from the shock, Allison and the United States are foreigners working in Harbin, rented together. Two people don’t have a boyfriend, introverted personality, social relations simple, not with enemies. According to the judgment of the scene, the suspicious man footprints in the house become the key to solve the case. The suspected victims autopsy unexpectedly died at least two people together in forensic autopsy, pay Tielei wear good clothes anatomy, first check to the United States were first discovered. Fu Tielei found that the United States has a head blunt injury, although the cause of hemorrhage, but not fatal. There was a mark on her wrist, but the scar on the neck was the cause of her death. Thus, in forensic judgment, Mei is defenseless, was a blunt blow to the head down on the sofa after being pinched neck suffocation. The time of death is about 16 hours. In Allison’s anatomy, pay Tielei, Allison hands have obvious marks, which belongs to the constraints of injury, she was tied after being pinched neck suffocation. She not only has obvious constraints on the hands of traces, not tied to the wrist also appeared to bind the traces, should be held down by the ankle. The time of death is about 19 hours. The scene left only a strange man’s footprints, the suspect more than one person? If the victim is strangled two strange men, who then hold Allison feet? For a time, the murderer in the end there are several investigators to become an important issue. The forensic probe is a killer to Allison? Along with the further contrast, pay off reveals a shocking plot. There are traces of shallow constraint Mel’s wrist, the wrist is more obvious than shallow constraint traces allison. She was tied up, but her death time later than Allison, when hands are not tied to death. It shows that, in the United States is Allison death, double相关的主题文章:

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