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Outdoors A remarkable royal state, Rajasthan is renowned for its historic lineage, magnificent architecture and incredible cultural richness. Travelers picking Rajasthan holiday packages often end up falling in love with the regions colorful festivities, sparkling bazaars, religious beliefs, historical treasures and geographical features. Holiday packages for Rajasthan are available in different categories and thus attract horde of travelers each year. Some of the most coveted themes for Rajasthan tours are: Wildlife Safaris : The desert state does have its share of green patches at various places. Ranthambore National Park, Sariska Reserve and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary are some of the ideal places to explore the woods at Rajasthan. Evening and morning game drives are organized under expert vigilance and along with naturalists. Venturing deep into the wilds you may be lucky to spot tigers at Ranthambore and Sariska while Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary will enchant you with its chirping of beautiful birds flying here from different parts of the world. Heritage Tours : The architectural splendor of Rajasthan is world-known for it serves at great specimen of art and architectural styles of the age of maharajas. No Rajasthan tour packages are .plete without a visit to beautiful palace and forts spread all across the state. The architectural excellence of these splendid structures is awe-inspiring. The grand design of these establishments is studded with elaborate galleries, exquisite murals, intricate design, gorgeous carvings on the ceilings and more. The vast expanse of these properties talks about the grandeur of the age of Kingly rule. Some of the must visit establishments in the state are City Palace .plex in Udaipur, Jaipurs Amber Fort, Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur and Jaisalmers Jaisalmer Fort etc. Desert Safari : A camel safari on incredible Thar Desert is an absolute must for all those heading for Rajasthan tours for it not only allows to enjoy a bumpy ride, but also avail a peep into the cultural existence and lifestyle of locals in Rajasthan. The safari moving through live settlements of some villagers lets one get up-close and personal with Rajasthani ways of life. The evening ends wonderfully with dinner at Sand dunes along with live entertainment showcasing Rajasthans folk dance and musical shows. The sun setting at the backdrop finally adds that magical touch to the entire ambiance. Hill Station Exploration : Mount Abu in the heart of Rajasthan appears to be a mirage from a distance. It is the only hill station in the whole state and thus is cherished and preserved lovingly by the locals. Travelers often take a halt at the g.eous hill station to enjoy this paradox in the middle of otherwise mostly rugged terrain. Pick a theme or some elements from each of these themes to produce new versions of Rajasthan holiday packages the end result will never fail to enchant you with its beauty and grandeur. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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