Poll over 80% U.S. voters feel disgusted with the current presidential election-crycry

Poll: over 80% American voters of the presidential election was "disgusted" in November 4, Xinhua news agency, Washington (reporter Liu Yang Xu Jianmei) a new poll released the day before, 82% of the respondents felt "distaste for American voters this year’s presidential election". The poll, jointly sponsored by the times and the Cbs Broadcasting Inc, shows that voters generally show negative feelings about the political ecology of the United states. In the Republican presidential candidate Trump supporters, nearly 40% of respondents did not believe that their votes will be correctly calculated, and more than 40% of people think the election fraud often appear. U.S. media analysts believe that such polls means that no matter who is elected the next president of the United States must face the whole society on the American political system is not a sense of trust, American society split the election exposed or will continue after the election. The United States presidential election is considered one of the most "negative" of the presidential election campaign in the history of the United States, nearly a year, on the two presidential candidates of the negative news is too busy to attend to all democratic candidate Hilary, the "mail door" and Trump Cu tax, does not respect women news triggered national attention. The distance of the presidential election only a few days time, election is still deadlocked, Trump and Hilary are in the country held a rally in trying to win more voters.相关的主题文章:

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