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Photos: Shiyan a large truck hit a taxi accident caused 6 cars damaged yesterday afternoon, near Tianjin Lu Min an area traffic accident, a passenger in the taxi driving behind a truck hit the body several times, after turning into the opposite lane, and a Japanese car collided, Nissan off the rearview mirror and a Volkswagen Automobile Front windshield cracked, after a two car accident so collision. Fortunately, the taxi contained female passengers were slightly injured, no other casualties. 2:40 yesterday afternoon, Mr. Du public telephone call to the newspaper, said the people near the District of Tianjin road traffic accident, casualties unknown. After receiving the report, the reporter from 3 pm arrived at the scene, I saw the road a taxi car tail was unrecognizable, left front door severe depression. Not far away, a Nissan car on the left side of the severely damaged, a Volkswagen car front block cracks. In the public car 10 meters behind, the car hit a slight touch two. On the lane, a brand new truck bumper slightly deformed, parked on the roadside. Reporters at the scene statistics, the accident caused a total of 6 vehicles damaged in varying degrees, of which the most serious damage to the taxi, car parts scattered on the ground, can smell a pungent paste. According to the taxi driver, the incident at 2:30 in the afternoon, he was carrying passengers traveling from Tianjin road to the East Avenue direction, to service the cell door, was suddenly behind a truck hit, then the body out of control, and to the rotation direction lane. In the meantime, the left side of the front door hit a car to the oncoming Nissan, then the vehicle stopped. Another damaged Volkswagen owners Mr. Liu confirmed the taxi driver said, and he said, with Nissan traveling in the rear of the car after the accident, he promptly to avoid, but Nissan knocked the rearview mirror his car windshield cracked. Fortunately, the car was not injured 3." Mr. Liu said. Is the Tianjin road two-way traffic caused the traffic accident, yesterday at 4 pm, the accident vehicle towed away one after another, the traffic was restored. In addition, in addition to a woman in the back of the taxi passengers were slightly injured, there are no other personnel were injured, female passengers have been sent to hospital for treatment. At present, the cause of the accident is under investigation. Sweep code big Chu Shiyan, see more exciting content!相关的主题文章:

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