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Peter Ho debuted in the first 18 years of the racquet to his wife – Peter Ho and wife entertainment Sohu   photo   Peter Ho play "intimate"   and wife desert;   Sohu entertainment Peter Ho and his wife Peggy love for 9 years long, the wedding will be held in September 1st, the day before a special trip to Inner Mongolia wedding, Peggy caught the opportunity she invited her husband as a homeopathic brand 28Women model, Peter Ho smiled and said: "but this is my first time in 18 years when the racquet model!" But this racquet is not relaxed, his wife carrying camera on the shoulder, also under the liner as Yaoqi, although only reward but only wife sweet "thank you husband" four words, but Peter said: "the value of these four words is the history of the reward." Ten years ago, Peter Ho also had a model, but at that time he was very thin, with the long hair of Yosuke Eguchi, and today, after the shape of the year has a very bright contrast to the.   two people full of cool Pegyy the couple helped two people to design and Hokuto no Ken SM queen, denim, run several other, the other is the most love Peter Hokuto no Ken, he said: "I was very thin, friends often bullied, then often dreams of Hokuto no Ken male the protagonist, can fight against evil forces." In addition, Peggy also very love husband in the TV series "secret" in beautiful shape, Ruanmoyingpao let the husband to reproduce the classic. But this time Peter Ho shooting but not easy, because the shooting in Inner Mongolia, but also to cope with the local climate, he said: "some local Inner Mongolia car can not enter, we have to get off when the porters carrying equipment often go in, a walk is 2 kilometers." In addition, the sandstorm of Inner Mongolia also let two people suffered, often have to stop makeup, wash the eyes, while Peggy is more difficult, in addition to endure the pain of exposure and hypoglycemia, even at high temperature in the forties under barefoot in the sand, often even wear with hot blisters to let Peter Ho is very distressed.   dumbbell chain decorated Peter Ho MAX’s boyfriend force the continuation of the previous engagement dumbbell Bracelet in the design theme, is a combination of strong fortitude male, too meticulous gentle female, two elements clever together also happens to meet God made man’s essence: the combination of Adam and Eve rigidity and flexibility, and the economy, is the most perfect world of collision. Peggy said she was put into the works of love love this feeling, when two people are old, and then turned up the wedding photos, but also can remember every piece of jewelry design inspiration, and one section of a story of love, just like her 28Women meaning: "when the 27 year old met he is 28 years old, the most happy moments. At the age of 28, a woman is in the age of maturity and loveliness, and the most beautiful in the most beautiful years. So they will own brand named 28women." Love is not frivolous, cute without losing flavor, perhaps is the essence of 28women.相关的主题文章:

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