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Internet-Marketing What does a controlled .munication environment mean? In the normal consumer environment, what you have a hugely diverse marketplace. Many .peting products, services and personalities are .peting for the attention of your potential audience. That’s just in your marketplace. When you add in the .petitive pressures of the Internet, TV, and the many distractions of your audience’s attention, you can see that you need to be different. When you first encounter the potential customer what can set you apart? Opt-in marketing presents you with a great opportunity. St. Francis said seek first to understand before being understood. This applies now more than ever. Think about a few problems your potential customer may be having up front, and solve some of them with no sense of want. In this case you have an opportunity to give them exactly what they want and the foundation of a lasting relationship. This may be as simple as a quick eBook which can answer their top 7 concerns in an area. People especially like to avoid pain, so anything that helps them avoid a potential problem is usually a winner! What you want to do is give away this item of value you create or have created, in exchange for their first name and email address. Of course, a digital product is the way to go as the ongoing production and distribution costs are nearly nothing. Remember, you are going to be setting the tone for a relationship with potentially thousands of people going forward, so make sure your .munications remain balanced, human, approachable and helpful. Promoting is great, just remember you are .munication person to person, so remember to write as if writing to one person at a time. Never use words like my subscribers but instead use the word you very often and make it more personal. Always remember to integrate elements of your story into the marketing, that will surely make you more appealing and memorable to your audience. If this doesn’t apply to you personally, you can highlight stories of people within your organization to speak about and build bridges with your audience. Remember always, that people buy from people, and from people that they know, like and trust. Further to that remember to always take opportunities to build the relationship stronger in each interaction you take with people. And again, remember to keep .munication ongoing, once they’re in the list of subscribers. You need to keep your name, your content, your voice, and your personality in front of the customer at all times. You should on average contact them at least once per day. People’s attention spans are short these days and they you will need to provide consistent .munication to be.e a trusted adviser as time goes on. Keeping these things in mind, always think about two things to grow your business. How can I increase my leverage: eg size of list or people reach, and how can I increase the targeted value I provide to that group. If you keep all activities focused on one of those two aspects you will assuredly rise to the top in any industry. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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