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"One top ten thousand hit" why with superb acting character reduction – Sohu entertainment Sohu photo maohai entertainment news by Li Qian, Wei Fan, Bei Liu Ashler, starred in the movie "the emotional theme of a top ten thousand words of" national film is, the film by the famous writer Liu Zhenyun served as screenwriter, director Liu Yulin. The film tells the story of a middle-aged couple with no common language when fall apart. Ashler actor who plays Niu Aiguo in the film, in the face of his wife derailed after staged a thrilling heart drama. Details reflect Acting: "the responsibility of actor man" and the different emotional film in the past, "a top ten thousand words of" no sugar, no dog abuse, in the double eleven singles against the background, present some single men and women deal with the feelings of marriage and prudence. The film is not high rich handsome, long legs, in the cast completely by the strength as support, by acting, borrow the story to attract the audience, reputation in the details. The hero of the movie, why Niu Aiguo played a very fine man, showing a very strong flavor of life in the film. Why in the interpretation of the patriotic cattle into a sense is very natural, some of the details can be seen as an actor he’s accomplishment, as a father he gave his daughter stacked clothes when skilled, his wife and children to cover the quilt when the shoe shoe careful, professional level will be very full role carved painting. And you also said: "the head of the actor must respect this occupation". "Full without breaking" why suppress low-key character wonderful "restore a top ten thousand words" is a "heart" movie, why in the whole movie mentality change ups and downs, very difficult for this kind of mentality to grasp it, and it is this mixed emotions in order to create a true to life characters. Why not through the "howling beast" and "rain pear" to the audience in the interpretation, after that depressed him through the way to suppress the audience is more worried. It is worth mentioning that there are several fragments in the movie, Pang Lina’s luggage ready to go to Suzhou, cattle hide patriotic emotion happily say: "go", and that night to see Pang Lina again when a mobile phone. See two people angry on to kill when suddenly gave the audience a satisfactory answer at the train station. Why adults forbear, husband, father Anshang bond test characters’inner tension performance dripping penetration caused by several. For the current marriage topic, why the role of a good cure effect, not all arguments are declared to the mouth, let the end poke tears is a touch of sadness of the whole ending, no cattle patriotic Poguanposhuai, still full of hope for the future. It can be said that only reached a certain experience to show the character of struggle, the current interpretation of the inner world of man why the great waves with a bear.相关的主题文章:

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