Obama’s three contribution to science and technology in the past 8 years lightscape

Obama in 8 years in the field of science and technology, the contribution of the top three, there is nothing better than a dream to create the future." Victor – the outcome of the U.S. presidential election has been settled, but also to say goodbye to the time and the time of the. Obama is about to end his 8 year tenure. The broken "American history of science and technology mentioned most nouns the president" record of president in 8 years has made tremendous contributions to the field of science and technology, especially his "two push change", it is one of the leading contemporary science and technology circle two big investment boom. Obama 8 years in the field of science and technology, which contributed to the top two of the top three? 1, VR implementation of the word VR can have today’s heat, largely from the implementation of Obama. It goes back to 2013. At that time, Obama delivered a speech entitled "Technology will the country" (technology will save the country) (save). In this lecture, VR technology takes a long time. In particular, referring to a VR interview he received in 2012, he said, "wow! This is really cool!"   Obama visited Kenya in July 2015. Obama in addition to the release of a section on the relationship between Kenya and his personal speech, but also specifically invited the Nantucket project team and Azimyth creative studio will be the production of the speech version of the VR. Obama was 8 years of science and technology in three large contribution of Azimyth studio founder Stephanie Riggs said: "the president is in completely immersed environment (VR shooting) public speaking this is a historic moment, we have no experience in this before. VR has great potential to expand the way news is reported." In addition to speech, Obama also opened the Obama science and technology primary school. This is a small school specializing in the training of high-tech industries, according to local reports, the primary school will be held in the month and quarter for various types of innovation contest. At the same time, the school will also set up related courses, of which the most curriculum is VR. Courses covered from content to equipment. # pupils made VR# as an absolute sense of the public figure, with his image is the best way to speak. Obama wearing VR photos have been common, and from the product point of view, it can be seen that the experience of all the technology of today’s higher content of the product. The following is a 2016 in the VR sector is very popular figure, Obama wearing a VR glasses, watching his recent speech at the national park. Obama in 8 years, the contribution of the technology sector, of course, this photo is also from all over the PS, can only say that foreigners will play or. Obama was 8 years of science and technology in three great contribution of Obama in 8 years of science and technology in three great contribution of Obama in 8 years of the three sector of a HTC VIVE with market official said: "we started receiving orders from the White House that is practical joke, until later received a letter from the White House mail. In the mail, they made it clear that the white house needs a consumer version, obviously.相关的主题文章:

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