New York police killed 1 people on charges of road rage jiuyaogan

New York police for road rage shot and killed 1 people charged with murder because of the original title: roadrage shot and killed 1 people in New York city police officer accused of murder in September 27, according to U.S. media reports, after work because of road rage shot and killed a man in New York city police Isaacs (Wayne Isaacs) 26 the two were accused of murder and murder. According to reports, the New York Attorney General of the police involved in the murder of the right to investigate, Isaacs was the first to be indicted by the Attorney General of the police. Isaacs on the afternoon of 4 to midnight after the shift, on the morning of July 4th this year with another driver Dinsmore (Delrawn Small) in a traffic dispute in the city of Broolyn. According to police records, Dinsmore’s girlfriend and two children were in the car, he approached the car in the car of Isaacs, through the open window to beat the police. Surveillance video shows that 37 year old Dinsmore as a result of the shot back. After medical examiner, his arm, chest and abdomen were hit by 9 mm pistol for the three time. For the initial report exposed problems, attorney general Shi Shude (Eric T). Schneiderman) took over the investigation of Dinsmore’s shooting. Isaacs, then change the work, gun and badge were taken away. He has been working at the New York city police station since 2013 and was assigned to Broolyn Bedford-Stuyvesant seventy-ninth. In the same week that Dinsmore died, Stryn (Alton B). Sterling) in Louisiana, Baton Rouge was shot dead, Cassidy M (Philando Castile) in Minnesota heights (Falcon Heights) Falcone was shot by a check. The three shootings were filmed, causing widespread protests across the United states. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章:

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