Nanning electric car brand site booking hot look at the Raiders queue – avoid G reshacker

Nanning electric car brand site booking hot   look at the Raiders queue – avoid Guangxi channel — original title: Nanning electric car brand site booking hot look at the raiders from the queue, to avoid Nanning on site reservation open less than a week to avoid suffering unusually hot line to see the traffic police on the reservation Raiders don’t forget on the card, but also through the mobile phone, APP or telephone booking. (picture) from the beginning of October 10th, Nanning traffic police department in the North Lake, Xianhu, Zhuang Jin 3 site launched learning and licensing site appointment of electric vehicles, these days the reservation point appeared personnel overwhelmed the situation. How can you make an appointment with the electric car scene to save time and effort? Yesterday, the traffic police department specifically for the public to sort out a set of raiders. Yesterday morning, Ms. Wei rushed to the lake site in XiXiangTang District, want to make an appointment to learn and electric vehicles on the card, however, she just walked into the site gasped, found that the site has hundreds of people to make an appointment in the queue. Ms. Wei looked at so long team, reckoned a morning was not up to her, desperation had to return another day to make an appointment. Reporters learned yesterday, a lot of electric car owners are the same as Ms. Wei, because the queue is too much to see people, to dispel the idea of appointment that day. These days, a lot of people who come to the scene reservation." According to the lake site staff, since the October 10th launch of the site after the appointment, even days, a large number of car owners came early queuing, almost tumbled site. In order to avoid the pain of the owners of the queue, the 3 sites are taking appropriate measures to improve efficiency, for the owners to apply for an appointment. One day in October 12th, 3 sites on a total of 2100 people booking procedures. However, according to the traffic police department observed that this morning a few days to queuing up to do more, like Lake sites to late May, from the morning has been discharged at three or four in the afternoon to accept; but the Xianhu site generally to 3 o’clock in the afternoon will be on-site appointment after acceptance of all. To this end, the Nanning traffic police department deliberately sort out a set of on-site booking time-saving Raiders for appointment of public reference. 3 point proposal suggested that the owners of the best choice in the afternoon when the 2 to go to the site to queue, at this time in front of the majority of the owners of the appointment has been accepted, can greatly reduce the queuing time in the end of the year, the 1 point of view is the best choice for the owners of the car in the afternoon, when the bus is a good time. 2 suggestions to choose the best owners Xianhu station on-site appointment. Although compared with brocade station and North Station, the station from downtown Xianhu 30 more minutes, but the number of the reservation is the least. 3 in addition to the reservation site, the owners can also choose other reservation mode, using mobile phone or telephone booking APP electric car brand can save a lot of time. 3 appointments 1 "ETS? Car steward APP appointment: the owner I use a mobile phone to download for ETS? Car steward APP and login, every Sunday to Thursday at 9:00 a.m. appointment. You can also choose to participate in the electric vehicle into community activities (in the DMV published information shall prevail), by the owners I login for ETS? Car steward APP, 14:) every Thursday相关的主题文章:

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