Minqing folk the Imperial Palace Honglincuo repair project will be reborn cosmax

Minqing folk the Imperial Palace Honglincuo restoration project will start interior rebirth Honglincuo (damaged data map) Strait news network November 23rd (reporter Liu Shiquan Wen Hua Haidu bag) "when the tour the Forbidden City Palace, houses should be laid on honglincuo." This is the old Honglincuo gate to attract tourists slogans, as the country’s largest Honglincuo ancient dwellings, with "the Imperial Palace folk" in the world. In turn, Lang CuO loop compact structure, large pebbles and long walk in the street bluestone paved, as if through time, back to the jacket’s robe. Unfortunately, in July this year, typhoon NEPARTAK "effect, Honglincuo badly damaged, old scenery difficult to find, make people regret. Informed of the situation, the CAC Group Chairman Huang Qisen then decided by the company funded comprehensive repair Honglincuo, to protect the traditional culture, retain nostalgia. The restoration project has been started, "folk the Imperial Palace" will be reborn. The exquisite design of life, defense facilities according to the test, Honglincuo by Chinese businessman Huang Zujia (1755 – 1815, the word bin, Yin Xuan) was founded in sixty years of Qianlong (1795), and the sub macro Lynn was built in 1823, which lasted for 28 years. The whole house covers an area of 1.7 square meters, the total size of the hall 35, housing 666, house of exquisite, a richly ornamented building, is a rare one-off design, coherent, overall compact residential buildings. In addition to the atmosphere, Honglincuo also has the complete life and defense facilities. The southeast corner of the outer wall and the northwest corner of each built a rabbit ear (hope whistle), used to observe the dynamic around. The wall and the two side CuO is provided with a plurality of hollow small lattice, these seemingly decorated tracery, daily used for ventilation and drainage, as well as when encounter bandits attack, attack the enemy by surprise eyes. Each room inside the door of CuO ranging from 3 to more than 6, in and out freely, outsiders entering the house, like a maze, I do not know the four corners of the world. Even more amazing is that the Honglincuo aspect of the underground sewer and manhole is arranged properly connected into a whole. The inbye fire to keep water flow channel, located in the upper and lower manhole ditch interchange. The entire house of 47 well according to the position of unified design, the event of fire, can be the nearest fire fighting water. As the sewer is connected with each other, the water will be directed to the front of the fire. It meet the eye everywhere of the design, such as the window high house, in order to ensure indoor living concealment; design of window drawer on the left and right sliding sash, will narrow the space to the greatest extent, and brings great convenience to daily life. Now no scenery will repair Nirvana return once Honglincuo fame, but in a typhoon this year in severely damaged, no longer. Reporter recently to Honglincuo visits, CuO reads "July 9, 2016 gate, water 3.3 meters high, the gate portion of the door wall has collapsed, the scene has been put up scaffolding, waiting for repair. Huang Wenxiu, director of the CMC Honglincuo by this year, typhoon NEPARTAK "effect, Honglincuo collapsed walls up to 15 block, because these walls are often even hundreds of rooms, the collapse of the room up to more than and 100. Write a fall at the gate;相关的主题文章:

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