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The mid autumn national day price 10% Shanghai Disney as a "hot" Mid Autumn Festival holiday has just ended, the National Day holiday is then stalls, the "Securities Daily" reporters from a number of listed companies travel agencies and online travel sites to understand, more short-term product sales and the Mid Autumn Festival, national day from the book of tourism products, long products, price the Mid Autumn Festival, and National Day travel rose slightly about the price were 10%. In the popular scenic spots, a number of travel companies still said that Shanghai Disney theme park is still hot. With the arrival of the National Day holiday, according to the China Tourism Research Institute (National Tourism Bureau data center) on the 60 samples of the development of the city "Chinese mainland residents will travel" survey report shows that the fourth quarter of this year, Chinese residents will travel for 79.2%, of which 55.5% of the residents choose to travel during the national day, will travel to high. Meanwhile, the National Tourism Research Institute predicted that the National Day holiday tourism market reception of about 589 million passengers, an increase of 12%. 70% outbound tourists "spell false family" with the relaxation of public holidays, enhance people’s leisure awareness, many consumers will have holidays with, form 5 or 7 days or 9 days of holiday, from CYTS travel network travel big data, the Mid Autumn Festival travel peak date of departure has been ahead of 3 days to September 12th. In addition, according to the same way of tourism released "2016 Mid Autumn Festival holiday travel trends report" data show that have booked the outbound travel consumers nearly 70% belong to "spell false family", domestic long-term travel spell false ratio is more than 60%. Travel time, travel during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday domestic long-term tourists accounted for 39.1%, before the fight false and peak travel from September 10th that ushered in the peak travel, holiday travel overall accounted for up to 54.4%, after the peak travel accounted for 6.5%. During the Mid Autumn Festival is the long-term domestic travel travel peak, the number of trips accounted for 19%. In addition, according to the release of the same process of tourism "2016 National Day golden week domestic residents tourism consumption trends report" shows that the choice of long-term travel in advance or after the peak travel accounted for over 50%. Domestic tourist attractions during the peak passenger flow is expected to occur in October 3rd. In the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holiday tourism product prices, donkey mother relevant person in charge of the "Securities Daily" said in an interview with reporters, Mid Autumn Festival this year, domestic and outbound tourism prices compared with last year growth of 3%, compared to early September this year, an increase of about 10%. This view has also been UTS tourism identity, the responsible person said, the mid autumn festival tourism products rose slightly compared with the same month short-term time is 10%, and the National Day holiday in long-term products for the mainstream market, the sales of tourism products UTour long-term close to 80%, the price will be about 10% increase. Although prices have risen, but the ticket Butler Senior Vice President Jiang Yuan told the "Securities Daily" interview with reporters said that this year’s Mid Autumn Festival tickets income did not rise in the booking channels, the traditional travel agency bookings increased. National Day tourism market demand for the upcoming National Day holiday, according to the China National Tourism Administration (National Tourism Administration data).相关的主题文章:

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