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Many international dignitaries gathered in the funeral of Peres   Arabia world is a reflection of flat — Guangxi channel: original title: many international dignitaries gathered in Peres’s funeral in Arabia world but reflects the average 30 days, former Israeli President Peres’s funeral will mount Herzl National Cemetery in Western Jerusalem held. Including US President Obama, French President Hollande, German President gauck, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and the 80 leaders will attend the funeral of Peres. Peres died of a shock to Israel, and many of the children of Israel to inherit Peres’s lament "politicians are not born". Peres’s great efforts to pay attention to the Middle East peace in the western media, but the Arabia world reaction. According to the Israeli "Haaretz" reported that Peres’s body 29 days in the Israeli parliament hall for politicians and the public pay, this week all the parliamentary committee meeting was cancelled. On the morning of 30, Peres’s coffin will be moved to mount Herzl, memorial ceremony and funeral will be held there. Mount Herzl National Cemetery buried 4 late Israeli Prime Minister: Levi? Eich Kerr, Shamir and Rabin, Mrs. meir. "The 80 leaders gathered in Peres’s funeral," "the times" reported that 29. The BBC said that a large number of world dignitaries will attend the funeral of Peres, including President Obama, former U.S. President Clinton, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, German President gauck, French President Hollande and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and Australian Prime Minister Turnbull, including Prince Charles, the king of Spain, the European Council president Tusk, as well as representatives from governments, including the Russian speaker Sergei Matvey Janko; there are many foreign ministers, including U.S. Secretary of state Kerrey, German Foreign Minister Steinmeier. Israeli television said the Peres family also invited Palestinian President Abbas attended the funeral. This will be a "Haaretz" called "Israel held the largest and most complex one of the activities, state security, traffic will be no small challenge. Peres’s death was a great shock to israel. The United States "New York Times" said, in the political arena service for more than 70 years. Peres died in the last century at the beginning of 90s, he assisted Rabin created the Oslo peace agreement, and devoted his life to achieve a peaceful coexistence of the new Middle East "". Although many Israelis believe this is a dream, but they admire the political giants, many of the children of Israel to inherit Peres’s lament "politicians are not born". Even if the opponent Netanyahu of Peres "a man of peace efforts, admiration, claimed that 28 is" the first day of Israel in the Peres case had no". The former Israeli Defense Minister Ahrens has opposed the peace agreement, but said Peres is "ingrained optimist", that Peres left after the death of political confusion — who do not know what time the Israeli Palestinian problem can be thoroughly solved and how to solve. Peres, the leader of the Labour Party, said that "the idea of Mr Peres is not out of date, and will be dedicated to making today’s Israelis believe in the ideals of". According to the French International Radio reported相关的主题文章:

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