Liaoning Province, the first silver age Cup square dance contest ended in the elderly-ddrtys

Liaoning province "silver age Cup" middle-aged and elderly square dance competition ended 21 days, lasted nearly 5 months, by 9069 teams of 365 thousand participants in Liaoning silver age cup mid aged square dance competition ended in the province finals. In the final, the evaluation team composed by the relevant professors of Shenyang Conservatory of Music ensured the objectivity, standardization and impartiality of the scoring. In order to promote the Chinese filial piety culture, promote cultural activities for the elderly to flourish, show the old people who love life, positive enterprising spirit, Liaoning province postal branch, Liaoning Province Committee on Aging office decided to host "post love sunset harmonious Liaoning" as the theme of the first session of the "Silver Age" Cup "in the old square dance contest. Since the contest started in May 26th, after the preliminaries, semi-finals of the preliminaries, where the layers of selection, the final selection of 17 teams a total of 499 people participated in the finals. Wang Yan, deputy general manager of Liaoning post company, said that Liaoning post will take this competition as an opportunity to continuously improve the level of organization and planning, run the competition year by year, and build Liaoning middle aged and elderly Charity Brand activities.

辽宁省首届“银龄杯”中老年广场舞大赛落幕21日,历时近5个月,由9069支代表队36.5万人参加的辽宁省“银龄杯”中老年广场舞大赛全省总决赛落幕。决赛中,由沈阳音乐学院相关专业教授组成的评审组,确保了比赛评分的客观性、规范性和公正性。为弘扬中华孝道文化,推动老年文化活动蓬勃开展,展现老年人热爱生活、积极进取的精神风貌,辽宁省邮政分公司、辽宁省老龄工作委员会办公室决定举办以“邮爱夕阳 和谐辽宁”为主题的首届“银龄杯”中老年广场舞大赛。大赛自5月26日启动,经过预赛、初赛、地方复赛层层选拔,最终评选出17支代表队共499人参加全省总决赛。辽宁省邮政公司副总经理王艳表示,辽宁邮政将以这届大赛为契机,不断提升组织策划水平,将大赛一年一年办下去,打造辽宁中老年公益爱心品牌活动。相关的主题文章:

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