Kill me heal me a remake of Zhang Yishan Cai

"Kill me heal me" Zhang Yishan Cai Wenjing "a remake of Zhang Yishan Cai Wenjing Kill me heal me" posters for the Sina entertainment news according to the "Kill Me Me" Heal drama (kill me, heal me) adaptation of the "seven" starring, led by Zhang Yishan [micro-blog], Cai Wenjing, Huace director, director Zeng my boyfriend "wonderful" directed by Deng family. By the pool city, Hwang Jung Eum, starring Kill me heal me was released in early 2015 in South Korea MBC TV, once aired, it caused a high degree of concern and discussion of. Then buy the Chinese Huace film and TV adaptation of copyright. "Kill me heal me" the theme of the novel is unique, because about when stimulated to divide a psychiatric doctor and his secret chaebol II seven personality of the romantic funny story, as the city pool has seven chaebol III car of Xian personality in the play, a deduction of seven kinds of personality, won the MBC Award the grand prix. "Seven I" myth and the heir to Shen Yizhen, because of a lack of childhood memories with multiple personality disorder, rare has seven personalities, life is full of frustrations and dangers. The kind of psychiatric female doctor Bai Xinxin’s Secret Yizhen due to all sorts of accidental mishaps into a doctor. Shen Yizhen with the help of the white Xinxin slowly heal the fusion of multiple personality. (xlds) (commissioning editor: Sisi)相关的主题文章:

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