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"Jurassic world 2" add new role of Tobey – Jones – Tobey – Entertainment Sohu to join Jones and Rafi Si Bo joined the "Jurassic world 2" Sohu entertainment news (text Da Zi) is planning to shoot in Hollywood adventure movie special effects "Jurassic world 2" (Jurassic World 2), today to finalize the two new characters actor: one is starred in "Harry Potter" series of films of the British actor star Tobey Jones (Toby Jones), another is starred in "life of Pi" "black mirror" British actor Rafi Si Bo (Rafe Spall). Although the two star power to send characters has not been announced, but according to foreign media speculated that the two men may have played partial negative characters in the film, and the male and female expansion. "Jurassic world 2" behind the creative team of blood transfusion, Colin Mr Trevor is no longer directed sequel from the Spanish horror film directed by Juan Antonio Bayona took over the film. Bayona this year has just completed a strong visual commercial blockbuster devil call, and the Jurassic world 2 will be an excellent opportunity for him to officially enter the mainstream of Hollywood sight. In the first part of the "Jurassic world", hybrid dinosaur is a new bright spot, people once again into a large scale Jurassic Park visit. In order to make a profit, the park has to attract repeat customers as the first goal, obviously, they need to enrich the exhibits to attract more tourists. The loss of conscience and park scientists to work together, let the most ferocious Tyrannosaurus and other dinosaurs and hybrid species, resulting in big trouble. In the Jurassic world 2, the birth of a new species will continue the crisis. The first part of the screenwriter Derek – Connally, actor and actress – – Dallas – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -. As the first in the global harvest of $1 billion 500 million amazing box office, so Jurassic Park, the market outlook is very good, the global budget for the production of the film has reached $260 million budget of $2. Although the risk factor to improve, but for the world has earned before turning, even if the film can not sell the first height, but also enough to cope with such an expensive cost. The cost increase, on the one hand from the scenes of a comprehensive upgrade, on the other hand, starring paycheck increases a lot. "Jurassic world 2" will be landing in June 22, 2018 in North American cinemas.相关的主题文章:

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