Jiangxi this technology to break Apple Corp patent barriers to mobile phones or cheaper zznba

Jiangxi this technology patent barriers to break the Apple Corp or cheaper mobile phone in November 8th, worg photoelectric (832766) announced that, after 10 months of research and development, the company "IN-CELL high resistance anti interference technology" has made a major breakthrough, and began mass production in October 2016. This technology uses new technology, new materials, and the use of the Apple Corp IN-CELL interference is completely different ways to achieve. Become the first domestic, but also the only exclusive IN-CELL anti-jamming high resistance technology company, to fill the domestic blank of the technology. This also means that has broken through the international technical barriers to the world’s top level. Most importantly, this technology comes from Jiangxi, Xinyu! It is the research achievements of Jiangxi worg Au Optronics Co! A lot of people to eat melon, said: not aware of the whole paragraph but only to understand the word "apple" two words is not it! On! The "apple" mobile phone big boss as well as see through all the wit who gave away the secret…… That’s right! This seems to be a simple ordinary announcement, a stone arouses a thousand waves, quickly aroused strong repercussions in the industry. At present, the main panel manufacturers in close cooperation with the world photovoltaic company, has been in communication with the company capacity planning of the product in the next year, downtown pressure on the economy a huge moment, so hot rush orders, it is rare. Grab the order is too hot, received a single hand cramps so IN-CELL anti-jamming high resistance technology in the end is a kind of technology, really so powerful? What is the IN-CELL anti-jamming high resistance technology? From Gartner Group (the world’s most authoritative IT research and consulting firm) this year, the latest report said that this year’s global smart phone sales will be 1 billion 500 million, to 2020 will grow to 1 billion 900 million. However, no matter how intelligent hardware equipment replacement, how to update the software applications, smart devices tend to be thin, miniaturization, lightweight display screen of this trend is the same. (drawing Huang Han) Apple Corp will be the first application of IN-CELL technology in the iPhone5 mobile phone, this innovative intelligent devices screen significance, not only mobile phone thinner, and touching sensitive, reduce power consumption and improve the brightness. Consumers may only think the user experience better, but is not clear, IN-CELL technology is a kind of touch function directly to do LCD display panel on the new technology, realize the integration of image display with touch function. Too hard to understand the wood there? Jiang Baojun has considerate buddies on drawing down here at a glance, seconds to understand! (drawing Huang Han) transparent functional film one of its core technology is a layer of both anti noise and anti static, which makes "static" and "interference" which have long plagued the mobile phone screen contradiction, the first perfect blend. To solve the contradiction before contradiction, be made one because of IN-CEL"相关的主题文章:

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