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Ji Kui: Internet financial future driving force will turn to the advantage of data We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: Jikui born: Internet financial future driving force will turn to the advantage of data in October 27th, 2016 inclusive financial CRO global summit "held in Beijing, Lu Jin, CO chairman and CEO meter Kwai Chan said in a keynote speech at the conference, the path of development in the past few years China Internet Financial development present across customers, cross regional and cross industry and cross-border, but now China Internet banking business model for the future development of the existing driving force is not enough, the driving force of the future of Internet financial development will shift to digital advantage from the existing channel advantages, especially the ability of data analysis. Over the past few years, the scale of China’s Internet banking, explosive development. Ji Kui said that over the past three to five years, the Internet financial development mode Chinese mainly presents four kinds of "cross": cross customer groups, cross regional, cross industry, cross-border even. Specifically, the user groups from the initial middle class investors extended to small and medium enterprises, service coverage is extended from a city to two or three city, a lot of gold from a single cross platform service, insurance, securities, fund payment and other one-stop service, some two investment targets for domestic and foreign investors and identity accommodation. In the eyes of Jikui born, Internet financial investors and project assets has been acting as a bridge role in the development of the advantages of the business model is mainly driven by customer experience, online accounts, national reach, more low cost of traditional finance do not have. At present, China’s Internet banking business model driving force in the future is far from enough". Ji Kui believes that with the development of rational slow Internet banking, its driving force will have internal changes. The driving force of the future development of Internet banking will shift from the existing advantages of digital channels, especially the ability of data analysis. "This means that the concept of data of traditional financial services, creating new products and services to users," said Ji kui. Ji Kui stressed that the financial future of the Internet platform core business model for data change and change. Including: one is the ability to match, platform how to different products sold to the appropriate customer; two is recommended; three is the intelligent direction, such as social finance, customers can follow other people to invest; four is the optimal investment advice. This means that the future of new success factors will evolve into: the digital application of financial expertise, to provide investors with a better and stable return on investment, as well as the platform for incremental processing costs zero. In terms of risk control innovation, Ji Kui said, the Internet financial risk control platform in the past mainly focus on the asset side, Lu Jin’s risk control system is the core of the end funds and assets end accurate matching. Through the Internet big data technology, not only for the risk of the end of the asset rating, the use of big data to different customers cited their risk acceptance theory相关的主题文章:

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