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IPhone 5SE price exposure: certainly not cheap – Digital Sohu will use a iPhone 5SE in the end what price shows? For our consumers, is certainly the cheaper the better, it is best to give away, but we still need to look at problems in a reasonable perspective. Many people think that iPhone 5C is a very unsuccessful work, because it does not use its own light to illuminate the earth, and many people are not satisfied with its price. But as time goes on, the prospect of 4 inch iPhone surprises many analysts and journalists. Soon, we’re going to see the birth of a new 4 inch iPhone, and some of the media have begun to analyze its price. RBC Capital Markets predicts Amit Daryanani predicts that the iPhone will bring 5 billion 500 million dollars of revenue for apple, while assuming that the mobile phone is priced at 550 dollars, it will reach 10 million units. However, many people think this prediction is too optimistic. In addition, there are more optimistic, some analysts believe that apple in 2016, the new iPhone can sell 20 million to 4 inches, their reason is very simple, because it is a relatively low risk of the equipment, and many emerging markets might be interested in it. Yes, iPhone 5SE is small screen, but that doesn’t mean its performance is weak. Perhaps it will take a small part of iPhone 7 foresight? If this factor is taken into consideration, maybe more than $550, it doesn’t seem very unreliable. As iPhone 5C introduced, ordinary consumers have been looking at it with cheap iPhone, which is the most embarrassing place for iPhone 5C, which has not been said to be cheap goods, but consumers still take it for granted. To know the current intelligent mobile phone market environment has changed, the competition of war already thousand yuan to burn, and the price is also more and more become the consumer value, iPhone 5SE is certainly not a cheap iPhone, it is just a miniature iPhone, only to correct some consumers view then the iPhone 5SE is likely to have a positive impact on Apple’s bottom line. So what do you think is the most reasonable price for iPhone 5SE? I don’t know if your guess will be the same as the final price of iPhone 5se. Of course, if the price is right, Xiaobian also want to buy a spare machine.

iPhone 5SE售价曝光:肯定不便宜-搜狐数码  iPhone 5se到底会用一个什么样的价位来示人呢?对于我们消费者来说,肯定是越便宜越好,最好是白送,不过我们还是要用合理的眼光来看待问题。不少人都觉得iPhone 5c是一款非常失败的作品,因为它没有用自己的光芒去照亮大地,而且,不少人对它的售价不太满意。   不过随着时间的变化,4英寸iPhone的前景令不少分析师和记者都感到惊讶。很快,我们就将要看到新的4英寸iPhone的诞生,而一些媒体也已经开始对它的售价进行分析。   RBC Capital Markets predicts的Amit Daryanani预测,这款iPhone将会为苹果带来55亿美元的创收,而假设手机的售价为550美元,它的销量将达到1000万部。不过,许多人认为,这个预测过于乐观。   此外,更乐观的还有,一些分析师认为,苹果在 2016 年里,可以卖出 2000 万部 4 英寸的新 iPhone,他们的理由也非常简单,因为这是一部相对风险较低的设备,而且不少新兴市场或许会对它感兴趣。   没错,iPhone 5se是屏幕小,但是这并不意味着它的性能弱,或许说,它将会带着一小部分iPhone 7的前瞻?如果考虑到这个因素,或许550美元以上售价,看起来并不是十分不靠谱。   正如iPhone 5c推出时一样,普通消费者一直都以廉价 iPhone 的眼光来看待它,这也是 iPhone 5c 最为尴尬的地方,人家从头到尾都没有说自己是廉价品,但是消费者还是想当然了。   要知道目前智能手机市场的环境也发生了变化,竞争的战火早已经往千元以下燃烧,而性价比也越来越成为消费者看重的因素,iPhone 5se肯定不会是一款廉价的iPhone ,它只是一款微缩的iPhone,只要能纠正一部分消费者的观点,那么 iPhone 5se 才有可能对苹果的底线带来积极的影响。   那么你觉得iPhone 5se最合理的价位会是多少呢?不知道你的猜测会不会与最终iPhone 5se的售价如出一辙。当然,如果售价合适的话,小编也很想买一部拿来当备用机。相关的主题文章:

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