International sports events in the Han Wu net is dense rooting with third strokes

International sports events in the Han Wu net is dense rooting third swing ring game yesterday, fierce competition scene in Wuhan section of the Yangtze video web Howard first photo Washington (reporter Geng GA Dolma) yesterday, 2016 ring China international road cycling race in Xinzhou District of Wuhan City, the first stage ended. This month, the Wuhan Tennis Open tournament will swing. This is also the two major events held in china. Ring China international road cycling race, is the International Cycling Union 2.1 man occupation tour highway, is a state tournament, is the second ring ring ring France, Spain, Italy three contest number fourth in the world, Asia’s first international road cycling race, the global audience reached 1 billion people. Previously, Wuhan has been held for the 4 round of the China International Road Cycling race. In the ring game has 22 occupation cycling team, in addition to the China team, also includes 8 European teams, 3 Asia team, 2 American team, 2 team Oceania team. In the first stage of the sixth stage of the Wuhan Xinzhou criterium yesterday, after fierce competition for more than two hours, Ande Ronnie intercontinental team benfatto won the championship stage, teammate Bonussi to keep the total score of the first grade, Chinese Zhimei Hengxiang team won the first group in asia. Tomorrow, in Hubei Olympic Sports Center, ring game will usher in the second stage — Wuhan prelude to match individual time trial. Xinzhou section of the game was set for two laps, a total length of 99.6 km. Along the way, little village, Wenjin college tower lake river, Great Smoky Mountains, Daoguanhe scenic area and other natural and cultural attractions, is the organizing committee line investigation experts known as the "Central China’s most challenging mountain bike track of highway". Who participated in the contest of the volunteers said that the 22 fleet occupation game, the local event organization ability is remarkable. Now, Wuhan is accumulating more and more experience in international competitions. In April this year, five continents and more than and 30 provinces of the runners participated in the first "Hummer"; the same month, the world sports dance Grand Prix, the Asian Badminton Championships has also opened zhanmu. May, Wuhan, China (Jiangxia) International Conference on foot to attract more than 50 thousand people to participate in China and Asia, even the highest level of men’s tennis ITF International Men’s tennis tour led by Wuhan station. In July, 17 domestic and International Elite Rowing Team fourth times in the Chinese Wrestling International Collegiate rowing challenge. This month, the new world will enter the Wu net time. One of the three China tennis tournament tennis tournament in Wuhan, will be from 23 to third kicks off. At that time, except for pregnant in the body and can not play the Azarenka, this season, all the Grand Slam tournament crown, super five tournament, the Olympic Games champion, ten world top ranked players will be full of war. Relevant statistics show that the number of international sports events held in Wuhan after the north of Guangzhou, the first Western city. Since the 2014 WDSF world sports dance Grand Prix and international youth football tournament, Wuhan gradually active in the global sports arena. This year, Wuhan has begun to be known as the "military olympics.相关的主题文章:

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