International art event Global ink painting exhibition held in Hongkong in August next year wharfedale

International art event: Global ink painting exhibition held in Hongkong in August next year left: Hong Kong and Taiwan in the ink painting (left) on behalf of Mr. Liu Guosong, Mr. Liu Dawei and Mr. Wang described "innocent global ink painting exhibition" on the promotion of ink art. (Beijing? November 18, 2016) the performance of contemporary painting art of the highest level of "broad and profound and global ink painting exhibition" will be held in August 3rd next year to 8 at the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center, free and open to the public and art lovers at home and abroad. The contemporary ink painting as the theme of the international art creation, art education by the Hongkong elite Foundation organized to promote Chinese ink painting art development, through the Global Select 500 from around the world elite painting works, through the exhibition to further enhance the international status of Chinese ink painting. "Global ink painting exhibition" has now begun to collect ink paintings in the world, a warm invitation to the mainland artists, ink painters and art enthusiasts to participate actively. Display assembly come after evaluation works will be selected out of 500 pieces of elite works, this ink exhibition exhibition covers an area of more than 15 thousand square meters, is expected to attract nearly 150 thousand visitors; Hongkong is expected to become the most at home and abroad, the scale of most varieties, the highest level of Chinese ink painting exhibition. Global ink painting exhibition won the support of the Hongkong SAR government and the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese painting master Rao Zongyi, become a different country and age of ink painters show works, exchange of experience and experience platform. The organizers specially invited officials of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, and in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the three ink painter and art elite to attend today’s press conference, to strengthen the cohesion of the art. At home and abroad has always been the most scale of Chinese painting exhibition to celebrate the return of Hongkong to attend the 20 anniversary of the Beijing conference today guests include: the Hongkong Special Administrative Region Deputy Secretary for home affairs Ms. Xu Xiaohui, chairman of the foundation art education elite, "Ms. Fong global ink painting exhibition curator Dr. Guo Haoman, a former finance minister, Mr. Xiang Huaicheng, China Artists Association Mr. Liu Dawei, President of Hongkong painting master Mr. Wang Wuxie and Mr. Liu Guosong, the father of Taiwan modern Chinese ink art; there are a number of luminaries, including Professor Dr. President Chinese Painting Association Mr. Feng Dazhong, Chinese Art Institute Fine Brushwork painting academy Mr. He Jiaying, Mr. Shi Qi, the famous artist Chinese Chinese Art Research Institute Vice President Mr. Tian Liming, vice chairman of Chinese Mr. Xu Qinsong, the The China Academy of Art Artists Association Tutor Mr. Wu Shanming Mr. Mo Xiaosong, deputy director of the Beijing Academy of Arts Committee and the Lanxi Municipal Federation President Mr. Chen Jun. Elite Art Education Foundation Chairman Fong said: "as one of the activities to celebrate the 20 anniversary of the return of Hongkong," global ink painting exhibition "aims to promote the development of Chinese ink painting art, hope that the collection of 500 global elite Chinese ink painting works, to further enhance the status of painting in the. Beijing gathered art elite, many of whom are masters of ink and wash painting, so we chose to hold a press conference in Beijing, the mainland art community invited to participate in the event. At present, the activities have begun to collect paintings in the world.相关的主题文章:

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