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Business In the last few years the acceptance and applications of infrared thermography has increased drastically. The infrared digital camera is one of the most popular thermographic appliances. In order to make the correct choice when buying an infrared digital camera it is important to clearly understand the focus and nature of the application. Qualitative application such as security surveillance and process control call for .puterized thermal imaging whereas an imaging radiometer is perfect for qualitative applications. While purchasing an infrared digital camera, definition of the parameters of your applications crucial in determining specifications, usability and ergonomics, accessories and software required. Infrared cameras are used for a variety of applications such as non destructive testing, PdM, several mechanical applications and R&D. Each of these applications requires a camera of different specifications. The thermal and spatial resolutions, accuracy, frame rate, thermal sensitivity and temperature range necessary for each of these vary. Most applications need specialized, auxiliary hardware as well as an infrared software package for capturing images and analyzing them using a number of various software functions. The infrared imaging software package is a very important specification in most NDT and R&D applications, as well as some quality assurance solutions. The infrared software performs 3 basic functions – control of data (image) acquisition functions, image analysis, and reporting. Most cameras .e with a pre-built basic reporting and analysis functions. A .plete .puterized thermal imaging allows for many more functions beyond the basic, such as sequence image capture, and acquisition triggering to be controlled through a .puter. Capability to provide for multiple users, different I/O modes and interfacing abilities from several memory cards should be taken care of. Some functions that must necessarily be present in any infrared software are data import and export from other editors and applications and reporting templates. The software must be able to produce templates to ensure efficiency, accuracy and continuity in reports. The licensing and pricing of the software are factors to be considered when all of the parameters mentioned thus far are sorted out. Although these are the several attributes required in the ideal software for an infrared digital camera , it is still most important to get the hardware right first. In case the infrared software you purchase falls short in any way, there are a number of third-party software packages available in the market today that can be used as add-ons for most types of applications. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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