Indoor Lighting Design 10 Great Attention And Led Design

Arts-and-Entertainment Modern building decoration, not only focus on the elements of interior space, more attention to lighting for indoor and outdoor environment, the resulting aesthetic effect and the resulting psychological effect. Therefore, the continuation of natural lighting is not only light, but full use of the architectural mix of light and dark, the combination of light and shadow to create a comfortable, beautiful light conditions. Therefore, people LED interior lighting options and more attention. On domestic lighting enterprises which many companies have started lighting design continues into the environment, and such NVC: light environment experts, three male Aurora: the perfect combination of light and space, make the city better LEDIA lighting The theme of light and cultural life forum In decorating, according to different indoor illumination required in the space environment, should be the correct selection of lighting fixture types and ways to provide people with good lighting conditions, so that people in the indoor space environment to get the best visual effects, while also able to obtain a certain atmosphere and mood, enhance its performance effects of indoor space and aesthetic experience. These ten tips lighting design has solved the general interior decoration in the light of emerging issues, in order to achieve all the user needs and to provide an effective environment for working conditions: 1, the human eye is very dependent on the brightness of the surrounding horizon. When the brightness of the environment increases, the overall vision of human power and relatively increased; and reduce the possibility of error. Simply put, we can be divided into seven illumination: Orientation and simple visual task 30,50,100 lx; ??common visual task 300,500,1000 lx; special visual task 3000 ~ 10000lx. Can follow to select different interior lighting requirements illuminance. 2, the light distribution – the distribution of the different planes of soft interior lighting, to give room for comfort. On the contrary, is not suitable or too much light will cause damage to vision and fatigue. 3, the appropriate reflective control – interior LED lighting lead sound if not sight, but may cause eye irritation and damage. 4, good contrast correction – the important thing is to make the contrast the eye to distinguish objects and background. A lighting system, a good contrast correction does not cause reflective, shiny surface, and even files. Even if the paper is smooth and will not affect the reading. 5, projecting the right direction – the direction of light projected location of the contrast correction terms are important. At the same time, it also affects the distribution of light and shadow. 6, the appropriate state of the shadow – the shadow to enhance the three-dimensional vision and guidance functions. Effective combination of scattered light and direct light can produce a good shadow state. 7, the appropriate color rendering – day, the natural source of light will be replaced. Therefore, the artificial light sources can present different colors and light show, to support different lighting functions and situations. 8, the natural color correction – only within the spectrum of the incident light colors and reflective objects can be detected by the naked eye. Color correction capability for the measurement of artificial light to show the natural color of the object. Able to do so, recommend the use of LED lighting products category, color and color temperature, energy-saving aspects of outstanding performance. 9, the effective lighting environment – light affect people’s emotions and feelings. Lighting for indoor and feel is a subjective and unconscious impression. In recent years, more and more public attention to a positive workplace environment, the importance of lighting. 10, effective control of energy consumption – modern LED lighting is the requirement of re-use and energy savings. Energy saving, environmental protection and health is the basic purpose of the green light. 1991, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency initiated green lighting has become popular in the world, deeply rooted, have a profound impact on the lighting design. At present, for the installation of lamps, and old inefficient system of re-transformation and restructuring have many solutions. It is worth mentioning that, with the led lighting indoor lighting applications become more widespread, LED interior design program has been more and more popular. LEDIA LED lighting for interior design, in addition to considering the above-mentioned 10 notes, you can start from the following three points: 1, you can try free of structure and exterior design Tends to weaken with heat dissipation led, power circuit design more simple and effective. Structure and size restrictions were gradually fading. Such conditions led to the design exterior lighting is more abundant freedom to use the place more broadly. Led lighting can already access many other traditional light fixtures can not enter the premises, to provide these places can not be achieved before the light demand. 2, provides more flexible control options We can control the lighting requirements and performance limitations of conventional light sources the gap between the two, in order to design a LED light source reach the other, but people want to have to meet the control performance of the lamp. For example, variable color temperature, adjustable light, according to the automatic response of the wisdom of lighting situations. In addition, for those who like to play with people of various high-tech products, offer a free set of LED household lights manufacturers . 3, built with a combination The use of LED light to create a new environment and expression. Do not significantly change the line or reduce the original space, relying on only LED lamps can be added to create a fantastic effect. Both conventional indoor lighting decoration, new interior lighting or special design, all the above factors must be considered, need to determine the brightness, comfort, artistic lighting, etc. fully meet the established requirements to achieve a satisfactory indoor lighting. The article About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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