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UnCategorized In most of the tele.munication industry uses OSS .puter software is used. With the rapid growth of technologies, the next generation OSS has .e up which provides the fastest services to the next generation. Amartus ltd. is one of the leading .pany which specializes in providing Next Generation B-OSS & Network Management software platforms & services to the Tele.munications industry. It is a private .pany established in 2003 at Dablin, Ireland. The .pany has a proven track record in Carrier Class software solution development for leading .munications Vendors and Service Providers. It offers a range of services including Expert Consulting, New Product Development, Custom Solution Development and Integration. It basically specializes in BSS, OSS, Service Network and Element Management. Every .pany includes management team and non-executive team. Pat Stuart at Amartus is a Board Member. He has over 20 years experience in the software development industry including 10 years at executive leadership level. He is one of the current investor in a number of key technologies. He has .pleted his masters of engineering in .puter science in 1990 and .pleted MBA in 1998.Being a board member of the .pany he is responsible for the effective governance of the organization. It always look easy in thinking the business as delivering the things which are needed to keep the places clean. But you cannot measure the performance of any .pany like Johnson Diversay just by calculating how many gallons of floor finish etc. The .pany business philosophy always believed in understanding the needs of the customer or basically understanding the customers requirement is the business philosophy of our .pany from many decades. Colin Stubbs is JohnsonDiversey Sales Director which is having an business operations in more than 60 countries. The .pany is a leading global provider mainly of cleaning and hygiene solutions to the institutional and industrial marketplace. The .pany specialised in serving the customers in lodging, food services, retail, health care, food and beverage sectors etc along with, it also builds service contractors all over the world. The .pany is into providing coaching, consulting, training, programming, publishing and research. Persona Global is a 30 years old .pany having a presence in more than 70 countries specialised in creating and developing a transformational changes within an organizations. The .pany have an expertise staff and trainers who will help the people in motivating, converting and transforming the critical power of the human element so that both the .pany and the employees will be able to feel their potential. Paul Stuart is the Regional director in Persona Global for Asia Pacific region. And having an wide range of managerial experience in various fields which includes HR, Operational and Project management in the airlines, Catering, Consulting and also in training sectors. His positive points include good leadership skills, performance management skills, influencing power, client negotiation skills and team handling experience. Along with that he also haves an international work experience in different parts of the globe and lived in Middle East, Hongkong and Singapore and giving training in almost a dozen different parts of the country. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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