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In 2017 the United States boarding school ranking authority issued education recently by the United States in 2017 high-end study service agencies "science study in the United States launched the" American boarding school rankings published, this is the world-famous "the godfather of students of Yale University, Master Zhang Mr. Henry for third consecutive years ranked us launch series of blockbuster masterpiece. The ranking is strictly according to American boarding school association and school official information, from the average school admission of the fund scale, scores of SAT and the application rate of the three dimensions of School of comprehensive consideration, it has important reference value for the United States to apply for boarding school. Zhang Hengrui said, according to the American Association for International Education issued by the "American international school students report" shows that in 2013 the United States there are about 73 thousand foreign high school students, China students accounted for more than 30%. According to data released by the U.S. Department of national security in 2015 showed that the number of Chinese students studying in primary and secondary schools (K-12) in the United States reached 34578. In 2015 the United States private boarding high school year (SSATB) conference also mentioned that the United States private boarding school for international students, about 40% students Chinese, ranking the top 50 in the United States east coast boarding high school, the average number of students in Chinese filed in 2016 reached more than 300 people, part of the popular school and even as high as 700 a student will apply for China expression. The relevant report of Hurun Report also showed that the current "high net worth individuals" — in the net assets of 6 million yuan ($1 million), preference in high school send their children abroad to study, accounting for 30%; the University ranked second, accounting for more than 23%; in the middle stage of sending children abroad preference reading people, accounted for 13%. Reflect in many rich heart, young students has become a mainstream values. In 2015, China Education Online organization "young students questionnaire" survey results also echoed the domestic students younger and more than 2/3 of the respondents in the high school and high school stage had the intention of studying abroad. In the intention to study abroad students, junior high school students accounted for 22.58%, junior high school students accounted for more than 32.26%. Thus, the number of students studying in the United States China high growth rate is very rapid, dilinghua boom is also a sea cover a wave. In this way, how to choose a suitable boarding high school in the United States has become a common concern of parents and students. At present, the spread on the network in American boarding high school ranking selection based on all kinds of, is various, in this case, such a data accurate, clear ranking is very important, it can become a powerful basis for parents and students choose a boarding school. From the fund to see the strength of the United States private boarding high school school school fund source is more extensive, mainly rely on their own funds (including school alumni donations) and investment income, the fund size from $1 million to $1 billion. About 1/3 of the school’s fiscal revenue comes from all kinds of donations, the source of 2/3相关的主题文章:

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