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Home-Improvement You have spent dozens of hours .bing through websites like houseplancentral.. to find that exact plan for your future dream home. It has everything. The bedrooms are the right size; the kitchen is perfect; the layout superb; and the garage is.well, you would like to modify the garage a little. This is what happens with many house plan buyers. It is difficult to find that exact plan even with such a large selection to choose from. On most house plan websites, you can request a quote for a modification, but the process is typically a little obtuse. Houseplancentral.. has introduced a new tool that allows you to easily .municate your modification request as well as get feedback and pricing from the architect. This is the most cost-effective and professional way of modifying your ideal house plan. Many buyers do not know that it is illegal to take ideas from a plan you find online to an architect to have them create a plan, but it is very illegal. Now that you have found your dream plan and have had it modified to fit your exact needs, you need to order blueprints. 99% of builders will require at least 5 sets of prints when they are building a plan. If you purchase only one print, chances are you will have to .e back and purchase more. The incremental cost to purchase 5 or 8 sets is not substantial, so I re.mend at least purchasing 5. There are other options as well. You can buy reproducible sets or CAD files. When you purchase a finite number of plans, you will not be able to reprint those. They are clearly stamped Do Not Copy. Kinkos or other printing stores will not print from these. If you buy reproducible or CAD files, you are able to print from those. Houseplancentral.. also offers PDF files on some of the plans that we carry. This is a new option that provides additional flexibility. After you checkout and buy your plan, you can then take it to a builder to get building cost estimates. I re.mend that you take the plan to at least 3 builders to get cost estimates. Kevin Carden HousePlanCentral.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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