Husband and wife quarrel to network trick prostitute to open the room to send money but

Husband and wife quarrel to network trick prostitute room money but was threatening big picture: the police rushed to the hotel survey. Victims and suspects WeChat dialogue screenshot. Original title: husband and wife quarrel, the man actually want to "relax" network trick prostitute opened the room, collect the money, but miss intimidation did not wait until the Yangzi Evening News Network November 3rd news (reporter Ren Guoyong) the evening of 2, Zhang man through the WeChat group about dating a picture of a sexy stranger chat, the other showing can he offers special services for Gospel truth. On a good price, then go to Maigaoqiao a good hotel room, and pay some money. But he waited for a long time did not wait until the "Miss" door, the other side has been urging him to continue to remit money, or to cut him off. Zhang had to call the police. 9 o’clock that evening, the Maigaoqiao police station received a hotel in a man Zhang Wan near the police said he miss on the Internet, on a good 900 yuan package, he has already paid 400 yuan, miss has not occurred, the other also asked him to remit money, or to cut him, he went downstairs in the hotel, not now. When the police arrived on the scene, Zhang was sneaking out from the hotel room at this time, he was on the phone with each other, each other urge him and claimed in the hotel outside the remittance. After the police took the phone, the other party also continue to intimidate, and threatened to put the police do. The police on the phone to meet in a hotel of longevity, they shouted. Police believe that the other side is the real motive of fraud, so Zhang back to the police station for further investigation. Originally, the day after a quarrel with his wife Zhang people out to relax, he is through the shared location function for a specific group of friends at WeChat, he tried to find a specific chat through this group. He chose a head sexy stranger chat, the other party can reveal the door to provide special services. Zhang’s God talks a good night package price, in a nearby room waiting for longevity. You want to ask him take real card and room layout photos in the past, to prove that he was a good room. Zhang eleven did, and made a 400 yuan for WeChat. But the other party has not arranged miss home, but asked him to continue to remit money. Zhang said the money in his WeChat, they shouted, he claimed to have know the room number, immediately cut him up. Zhang was scared to go out after the threat, had to call for help. The police said that the other side is not prostitution gangs, and to suspect fraud, not even in Nanjing, to seize the people buganshengzhang psychological trick prostitute fraud. The police registration criticized for Zhang, warned him if he is really prostitution, Zhang and other trading is illegal, want him to take this as a warning. Zhang also promised abstinence, on when to buy a lesson. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章:

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