Hundreds of students in all the chips didn’t make money do not know teahouse teahouse has sold

Hundreds of students in all the chips didn’t make money do not know teahouse teahouse has sold the original title: "raise the teahouse" transferred students share "dashuipiao"? The boss said to bear alone the refund, but there is no timetable for painting: Yang Jia October 26th, South China University of Technology student Xiaoyu (a pseudonym) to the Nanfang Daily report said, in mid 2015 in the circle of friends to see a student congregation of a teahouse in the project venture funds, then invested 5000 yuan to become the shareholders of the project. The rain reflects the teahouse in the Guangzhou University city after the opening, the rain not only didn’t make money, even the teahouse of the financial statements are not seen, now want to return for rain, but the boss has repeatedly delayed. Light rain reflects the group of shareholders in the teahouse there are nearly 100 people, basically college students, have encountered a similar situation. In October 27th, I call the teahouse owner Mr. Dai, Dai said the teahouse serious losses, in February of this year has been the transfer of stores, shareholders of a refund, he will bear alone, but did not explain its return schedule and is expected to complete the return of the shares of the time. Lawyers said that the teahouse in the part of shareholders unknowingly sold, the boss does not return capital to shareholders, may constitute fraud. Lawyers also remind college students, venture capital to do homework, prudent investment. The Nanfang Daily reporter Intern Li Yeshen Huang Jiangling college?? after the money disappeared in October 26th, South China University of Technology sophomore rain told reporters, in May 2015, saw in the WeChat public name as "push a teahouse", said the article located in the University City "Begoun a teahouse" shop now to raise funds for college students project investment of one thousand yuan can be obtained according to the proportion of shares as a shareholder. "I studied business administration, when parents also support college students entrepreneurship, gave me the principal." Light rain. In contact with the owner of the tea shop, Mr. Dai, light rain and he signed a cooperation agreement on capital shares, invested 5000 yuan, accounting for about 0.66% of the shares, becoming one of the shareholders of the teahouse. But let rain did not expect is that the signing of the contract to cast money, but the operating conditions of the teahouse is not. Drizzle said, in accordance with the agreement, the company’s monthly public notice to shareholders last month, six months by the proportion of shares dividends. But rain said that in September 2015 the official opening of the teahouse so far, she not only did not get dividends, the financial situation of the teahouse is ignorant. "We want to make public financial statements in the shareholders of the group, Mr. Dai in financial work, no financial business, financial do not good reason." Light rain. The rain felt strange, then asked the return of capital stock, from May this year, but she contacted Mr. Dai, request return shares, Mr. Dai is a push again. Encountered the same situation, Guangzhou University junior Gon Freecss (a pseudonym). Gon Freecss said that in December 2014, he invested 20 thousand yuan, in May 2015, he added an additional investment of $10 thousand. Last May opened to the end of December, Gon Freecss worked in the teahouse, responsible for part of the procurement work. One相关的主题文章:

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