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Huang Zhizhong appeared in "my uniform war" premiere joy yangko dance entertainment Huang Zhizhong Huang Zhizhong style uniforms – Sohu unveiled the conference Huang Zhizhong "listening" Sohu entertainment news yesterday, by Liu Ye, Wang Luodan, Huang Zhizhong and other actors starring the strength of epic war film "my war" premiere conference held in Beijing, "as well as the emperor Huang Zhizhong’s return to the big screen of concern, a military uniform yesterday unveiled the conference site, and come across from the scene, an impressive. However, with Huang Zhizhong and a few creative twist in the yangko dance on the stage, the scene is very happy. Huang Zhizhong in the play premiered "Daddy" tough guy "my naughty funny movie war" premiere, Huang Zhizhong unveiled a handsome uniforms, the image of Li Shunliang in reproduction. Huang Zhizhong’s "tough guy Daddy" Li Shunliang in the film, is the class monitor, is a predator "blasting expert". Conference Huang Zhizhong generous to share the star of "my war" experience, "although took a lot of war, but the war in this period of history as the background of the film is the first time in. Unlike in the past, the general image of the war drama, the role of ordinary grassroots veteran is also the first attempt to shape, for me is also a very fresh experience". Although Huang Zhizhong is very serious in the interview session, but in the next 38 rifles show and collective game to accept the punishment link, Huang Zhizhong to show us a more lively side. Pick up the rifle set up shooting Pose, and also the stars together with the music played a twisted yangko dance, such as Huang Zhizhong de Huan made a big impression. Huang Zhizhong opera singing voice touching interpretation of little big feelings as China embodies the spirit of the works, the film as a group of small flat and extraordinary characters as the main line, describes the hardships of the war years, the real touching story of war. As the film tears of contract play, Huang Zhizhong played Li Shunliang singing opera "Mu Guiying command" with the enemy troops, the audience was moved. This is the first open voice in the movie, Huang Zhizhong has the charm of singing stunning the audience. It is understood that the sacrifice of the play in the very cold winter shooting, the whole shot a night. As Huang Zhizhong used to say "the show is a kind of belief, the interpretation of" tough guy Daddy "Li Shunliang, Huang Zhizhong more side to show the soldiers of humanity. Huang Zhizhong concentrated in the trembling lips and hold back the tears, is sad, is unwilling, but still hesitate to sacrifice. No man in the war, only the state and national interests in mind of the flesh. As early as in "my war", Huang Zhizhong in "human right is the vicissitudes of life", "China expeditionary army", "new life" and many other war movies and TV drama are left a deep impression on the audience. As early as in 2008, Huang Zhizhong won the revolutionary war drama starring "human right is a corner of the vicissitudes of life" in Yang Liren, won the sixteenth Shanghai TV Festival best actor; starred in 2010 with the war epic drama "China expeditionary army" was the twenty-eighth Chinese drama flying Award for best actor award. In the movie "my war", Huang Zhizhong plays the veteran!相关的主题文章:

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