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Travel-and-Leisure Tenerifes Humboldt sweet red wine is renowned as one of Spains most astounding wines. The 2011 edition of the Guiai Penin, the guide to Spanish wine is set to feature 228 selections from the island of Tenerife. Last June the list’s editor and chief contributor Carlos Gonzales travelled to the Island for potential additions to the annual list. Gonzales visited Tenerife to taste wines at Cabildos wine centre in El Sauzal. All in all he visited and sampled wine from 5 regions in Tenerife, from which he picked a large number of the selection sampled. The Guiai Penin is an influential annual publication, which holds much sway within the catering industry who use it as a marker to which wines to select for their menus. It has been, in many cases, the making of a wine selection, even wineries. It is free fore wineries to offer their produce for consideration, but the value can be invaluable as it is one of the definitive publications for hoteliers and restaurateurs regarding wines from Spain, so the addition of 228 wines is great news for Tenerife. The conditions for growing grapes have not necessarily been optimum in the island this year. In fact it has been uncharacteristically damp and all too humid. The councillor for agriculture was therefore delighted to hear that so many wines had been added in spite of the adversity faced by wine growers. Despite the adverse weather conditions for the last grape harvest, year after year the wines of Tenerife continue to improve in quality. Further proof of this is the reviews and scores obtained in the new Guide. He said. As with all Mediterranean countries and islands and some other nations on the continent, wine is a big selling point for potential tourists to Tenerife, a good wine is often associated with that all European notion of the good life. Councillor Bethencourt was also keen to congratulate those that had had their wine selected for the list, I encourage you all to carry on working together and keep going up the ladder in the regional, national and international wine scene. He said. 63 wines from the region of Tacoronte-Ajeno have been selected for the list, among them is the Humboldt sweet red which has been defined in the guide as a world class wine. There are 50 more wines from the Abona region which have been defined as exceptional wines. Tenerife is perhaps neglected as a wine holiday destination, with the continent taking most of the attention in regards to oenophile departures, as far as the Spanish faction of wine is concerned, the mainland receives most of the tourism. Hopefully with these additions to this particular wine list Tenerife can enjoy an insurgency of wine lovers who wish to go a little off the beaten track. Now with a great selection of world class wines to sample, in such a relatively small space it seems you can’t stray too far without running in to a good vino. For a relaxing break why not book one of the apartments in Tenerife and settle down with a nice glass of red? About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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