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Software Software – It continues to be a discipline that is undergoing rapid changes by the day and is expanding its reach into newer spaces and practically all walks of life. Gone are the days when end users focused on quantity. The world is now getting revolutionized around quality. Ensuring and enhancing quality of the software is something that every software engineer strives to achieve. The increasing popularity and adoption of web based applications, wireless technologies, mobile technologies, with an elevated importance for Repeatability, Reliability, Robustness and Re-usability, typically termed as 4Rs, have unveiled a new dimension in the field of software testing. Software Quality Testing is evolving to accommodate such trends and is in process of becoming a business-led activity. Global Software Testing Services Market in its survey (2010-2014) mentioned that the market for software testing is expected to grow at a whopping rate of 11 percent of Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for the next 3 years. The survey also says that by the end of 2013, testing service companies will require more than 15,000 test engineers to cater the global testing market. Software Quality testing has developed as an important facet in IT services and product development, as Quality continues to be the foremost need of end users. With constant advancements, the changes that one envisions in the field of software testing have a great variety. Some of them are: Stakeholders, developers, testers a team of trust Metrics and methodologies going hand in hand A elevated role for software testers Stakeholders, developers, testers a team of trust Communication amongst each of the cross functional teams plays a crucial role in ensuring a better product. In the coming years, the following paths of communication will be built: 1)Developers, Testers with Stakeholders: Early review and exposing of requirements as they are being written makes sure that the consistency and completeness are maintained right from an early stage of product development. This will also help ambiguous issues to be fixed at an early hour, reducing total cost of quality and product development costs 2)Testers and Developers: As the specifications become more straightforward through an early involvement of the entire team, developers will find it appropriate to know what their code needs to accomplish. The testers will provide light weight models to developers that would help them to run their scripts before the staging environment Metrics and methodologies going hand in hand With the emphasis on quality speaking volumes about a product, prevention practices and detection tools are included in the scope of software testing. Massive test case management, which has always been a problem to handle, would no longer persist. This on a brighter note will throw light on driving the project with more innovative standards of estimating the test efficiency. Defect Count, Test Case Count and other misleading metrics would go down in scope and bring in Specification Coverage, Code Coverage and Model Coverage to drive the projects. Dealing with the requirements on a regular basis and adopting such coverage factors makes the product more reliableModel coverage which deals with estimating the portion of the requirements based on the priority of implementation would serve a great purpose. Finally, better metrics such as Component wise implementation tracking, Concrete exit criteria and new methodologies (combinational tools) will allow testers to prioritize their tests so as to work on areas which are significantly vulnerable to defects. Increasing prominence for software testing as a profession With the quality of deliverables rising at an escalating note, testers would often carry root cause analysis as one of their prime tasks. With technology evolutions, security will continue to be an area of concern calling for a specialized career in security testing Scope of manual testing excellence is sure a take an exponential curve wherein Testers would no longer be called in the last moment as they would be considered right from the initial stages of software development to provide value added services. With the help of the optimistic statistics and well planned methodologies, the future of software testing services is going to blossom with a wide variety of testing techniques ensuring quality to end users and a rewarding career for software testers. The world would understand that breaking stuff is as challenging as building it. About the Author: For more Visit us at : ..qainfotech../overview.html 相关的主题文章:

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