Fu Yi Yi flourishing poly happiness Park Yi Fu eleven inch of gold for the National Day celebrations ca1806

Fu Yi Yi flourishing poly happiness Park Yi Fu eleven inch gold together waiting for that day in October, Yi Fu, happy National Day congratulations, 2016 holiday consumption is completed! Eleven golden week in everyone from the congregation of the interim instant. Fu Yi Park sales offices in these seven days, the music, passion, bursts of laughter, a happy and peaceful. 1, the band issued Yi Fu new sound, attracting thousands of visitors, waving shouting. The holidays choreographed DIY activities, a little each finished piece be absorbed in, and we have attracted a compliment. Baba Mama to accompany the child life important by class, the child to accompany people and experience a happy childhood, the music box exquisite, romantic luxury crystal wax, small house model, micro landscape Meng Meng, every detail into the author’s deep band ingenuity, and Yi Fu Park Seiko building the spirit of agree without prior without previous consultation. In addition, this national day, I believe that many people see the most is not where and blocked, but where and where the purchase. "Golden nine silver ten" hot junction City swift throws new regulation. A week, Beijing, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Suzhou, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Wuxi, Ji’nan, Hefei, Wuhan, Zhuhai, Dongguan, Fuzhou and other 19 cities new deal landing, and more to restart the purchase of credit limit. During the national day, customers hurried to the palace Yi Park sales offices, and before the property market into the frozen, on a warm light luxury home in Beijing city of victoria. The property market "frozen" soon, settled in the capital city of Victoria to strengthen the function of municipal government Dongqian and other background, along with the development of the industry upgrading, the government macro-control of the city stepped up, especially in the south of seven hundred billion investment plans, the city of Victoria regional value is soaring, the central position gradually, regional positive cash, city of Victoria city finally become fertile ground the new home city. Yi Fu sales after the opening of the park should push the city, almost become the middle home city of Victoria last chance "". With the gold ring core geo Park, Yi Fu city enjoy the mellow city facilities, Huai Fang (Wanda Plaza will be opened in December, IKEA Asia flagship store Yingbin) (business area is 6 times the Wangjing IKEA) etc. the bustling city landmark close up, the five District in the downtown bustling overlap, Pacers temperament. The project is adjacent to Metro Line 4 and the future new palace station, Metro Line 19, L5, L6 in the realization of the shuttle transfer, will become the gold transportation hub of Beijing only four rail junction, fluent team. South Forest Park, Beijing international Camping Park 12 park scenic spot in the project around the vast crowd, millions of square meters of green resources together, the total green area equivalent to 1400 standard football field is 1.5 times of the Olympic Forest Park, the ecological status of Beijing’s second largest city park residential district, Beijing Shu Ju territory ecological adaptation. Fu Yi Park Seiko maker 88-132m2 hardcover new luxury mansion, to create a full range of light luxury luxury luxury apartment layout for 115m2, the main founder of Ming Sanju, apartment layout, mega wide living room, master suite design, both tolerance and comfort living space. Strict selection of international first-class brand, Seiko Zhen loaded, exquisite workmanship. Refining the essence of Chinese and Western aesthetics, 887相关的主题文章:

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