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Travel-and-Leisure Jim Corbett National Park India is a place in India where the thrust for your urge to unveil mysteries of nature and wildlife gets fulfilled. The nature is obviously attractive and the presence tigers, in contrast the chirping of birds make it all the way really extraordinary to be. The presence of the forest is a real wonder in the valley of Himalayas and makes it a perfect tourist spot for people round the globe. The place is visited by thousands every year and for this the place is having very good accommodation facility and to make sure that the place is very much attractive the people visiting can easily enjoy the fun of the place. The Gairal Forest Lodge In Jim Corbett is located 20KMS away from the Dhangari Gate and is located just beside the Ramganga River. This is a place of utmost beauty and the facilities are also very good. The dense forest and mountain river is going to make you feel like being in heaven. The food here in the lodge is also exceptional as the place is of great Indian foods. The nights are lovely in the lodge with the sitting facility in the verandah and you will be able to see the night life from here only. So the night of wild lives will feel the thrust of your life. The solar fence present in the lodge give you security so do not fear. The Kanda Forest Lodge In Jim Corbett is also a cottage type lodge with good facilities to enjoy the jungle in full. You will be happy to get the facilities like a 5 star hotel and then make yourself get spill into the picturesque nature and make yourself feel like being in heaven. Those who are more of wild life lover will definitely love this place. It is located around in 50KMs distance from Dhangari gateway and is a lavish hush push cottage and its picturesque atmosphere and fauna of the place is obviously going to attract you. The main attraction of the place is obviously the presence lavish nature and wild life that you will be able to enjoy uncut from here. The Dhikala Forest Lodge is highly admired visitors accommodation in Jim Corbett national park Reserve. This is really like the paradise of the forest waiting for welcoming you. The place is well fenced and sitting in the verandah you can enjoy the wild life present in the forest. The forest lodge is located 19kms away from the Ramnagar gate is obviously the most thrilling accommodation available in the area. So come and choose one of them in order to get the best accommodation in the Jim Corbett Nature Reserve. Author bio: The forest lodges of Jim Corbett National Park make you tour a complete one. We book lodges of jim corbett national park in best price. For more information and for more Corbett Tour Packages browse .corbettnationalpark-india.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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