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Home-Improvement Do you want to buy a new house in your favorite Lower North Shore Sydney area, and you want to hire a Buyers Agent Sydney? I guess that some of you didn’t know much information about the Lower North Shore and its suburbs such as: Artarmon, Willoughby North, Northbridge, Naremburn and St Leonards. Dont be worried about it. I am here to help you to discover the most important feature that each of the mentioned area offers to you and to tell you that in these areas is the best Buyers Agent Sydney . Northbridge, NSW-2063 This suburb is located 7 kilometers north of the Sydney central business district, its name is taken from the bridge which is firstly know as North Sydney Bridge build in 1892 and now is called the Long Gully Bridge. Northbridge is very well serviced by the number of buses, trains and other public transport which include a lot of transport routes. For those who love shopping, in this suburb is placed the Northbridge Plaza which includes supermarkets, boutiques and a big range of specialty shops; also there are tennis courts, a sailing club, salt water baths, a soccer club in which you and your family and friends will enjoy. Artarmon, NSW-2064 Artarmon is a suburban placed in the Lower North Shore area of Sydney. The Sydney central business district is located 9 kilometers north-west of this suburb, in the local government area of the City of Willoughby. Was established in the 1700’s and in the 1810 was named by the Irish family estate of Provost- Marshal William Gore. Today Artarmon is a pleasant mix of residential and .mercial areas with a railway station which is on the North Shore Line and the Northern Line of the City Rail .work. Also there’re many shopping facilities located in the Village Green shopping strip, excellent restaurant and cafes for those who enjoy spending time with family, friends etc. In this suburb you will find the Artarmon Primary School and the Artarmon Public School, which was named best public school in the 2008 NSW School of Excellence work; also this suburb has excellent healthcare facilities, The Royal North Shore Hospital is 1.6 km away and the Sydney Hospital is just 12 minutes drive. St Leonards, NSW- 2065 St Leonards is located 5 kilometers north-west of Sydney and it was named by the English statesman Thomas Townshend. The railway station in St Leonards provides the best access for public transport. It’s worth mentioning that services run every 5-10 minutes and to arrive in Chatswood you need just 5 minutes drive. The St Leonards suburb is an ideal place for shopping and recreation time also there are many Public and Private Schools which provide excellent education for your kids. Naremburn, NSW-2065 Naremburn is located 6 kilometers north of the Sydney Central Business area and was originally known as Central Township. Because of the fact that this suburb is approximately 10 minutes away from Chatswood they have excellent transport links and a big range of restaurants, shop centers, boutiques, Buyers Agent Sydney etc. Willoughby North NSW 2068 Is a suburb located 9 kilometers north of the Sydney Central business area. They have a great transport .work and a lot of shopping centers, restaurant, cafes, boutiques etc. Also in this suburb situated are great schools which provide excellent education. Many people who live or work in these suburbs which I already mention are very satisfied from the way they live their life; so be part of those people, hire the best Buyers Agent Sydney and choose the best property in some of the greatest suburban in the Lower North Shore Sydney areas. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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