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Health Fertility awareness or the ability to read fertility signals plays a major role in preventing or achieving pregnancy. In this connection, through the book "The Garden of Fertility", certified fertility educator Katie Singer was able to explain in detail how to monitor and record fertility cycles to determine the days when a woman is fertile, which is very useful either for birth control purposes or to achieve pregnancy. Published on April 26, 2004, the book "Garden of Fertility" contains instructions on how to chart fertility and it also contains diagrams and sample charts on the proper ways to gauge fertility patterns. For a 320-page paperback that costs only barely $20, it is surprisingly packed with information that women should have learned years ago. The "Garden of Fertility" book is more than just a "How-to-Book," it actually presents a relationships model that is associated with the natural movements of the moon and the Earth. The book carries with it a number of testimonials of women who shared how fertility awareness was able to help them be one with their femininity. And unlike other fertility books that usually focus only on the woman’s gynecological health, "Garden of Fertility" also contains the remarks of men who shared how fertility awareness has given them the sense responsibility in the reproductive process. Moreover, aside from lessons on fertility awareness, Singer also included in her book the vital role that diet plays in the reproductive process by citing the teachings of Weston Price. Singer unveils the significance of fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamins A, D, and E, iodine and zinc to the reproductive health. Cod liver oil, butter, lard, seafood, egg yolks, and liver are only a few of the suggestions mentioned in the book that could help boost the reproductive capacity of couples. However, Singer also sends out a warning to couples to avoid commercial vegetable oils, caffeine, soy, sugar, white flour, Trans fats, and any product grown with chemicals. One chapter in the book is solely devoted to medications commonly used to encourage reproduction, that unknown to many, can be very hazardous to the reproductive health such as the pill that Singer said could actually terminate a woman’s fertility. Singer also cited the injectable hormonal method used to prevent pregnancy, the Depo-Provera and how it can seriously disrupt a woman’s fertility. What makes the book more interesting are the suggestions or alternatives provided by Singer that can help couples do away with industrial contraceptives. "Garden of Fertility" as I see it is a very useful book that every household should have because it is very essential for everybody in the family. It is not only the women or the mommy wannabes that can benefit from it as husbands, as previously mentioned, also needs to be informed about fertility awareness. The teenagers in the house, if there any, would also find this book a very good read as it would help them be fertility aware as early as now. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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