Female college students do odd jobs to be insulted, to prove innocence, to take hundreds of motion s-homefront

Female college students have a part-time job under 100 served as evidence of innocence carsick medicine Dutch act of female college female students who attending female students take mobile phone SMS 100 Dutch act as the saying goes "carsick medicine winter three sentence statement, abusable cold in June". School winter vacation home in Zhumadian, did not return to university students studying in Zhengzhou Wang Ting, but the choice of students and stay in Zhengzhou Hotel casual work. Wang’s uncle said he was scolded when he stopped on the road to pick up the guests and was beaten by the chef in the restaurant after returning to the hotel. Uncle introduced, Wang Tingping is very quiet, very honest, will not take the initiative to quarrel with people. Because of too much air pocket, she choose medication Dutch act witness innocence. On Wang’s cell phone, there was a message from January 31st: "brother, I haven’t scolded the guest."! I didn’t! I took more than 100 motion sickness pills to prove my innocence! I’m sorry. Don’t talk to anybody." Ambulance workers told reporters that after Wang Ting was sent, they immediately took care measures. But because of the excessive use of drugs, Wang stopped convulsions and even coma, the situation is getting worse. Zhengzhou central hospital physician Zhao Yabin introduction, Wang Ting spontaneous breathing is very weak, the heart is very weak, only 20 minutes a minute. At about 3 a.m. in February 3rd, the family gave up further treatment because the rescue was invalid. At present, Wang Ting has been sent home to his relatives in hospital treatment, the condition has not improved. The hotel owner is willing to pay a certain amount of compensation, and the exact amount is still under negotiation. Editor in chief: Chen Wei, SN225

女大学生打零工受辱 为证清白服百颗晕车药自杀 受辱女大学生 女学生手机短信 主治医师 女大学生服百颗晕车药自杀   俗话说“良言一句三冬暖,恶语伤人六月寒”。学校放寒假后,在郑州读书的大学生王停没有回驻马店老家,而是选择和同学留在郑州的饭店打散工。王停的大伯说,王停在路上接客人时被骂,回饭店后又被店里厨师打骂。大伯介绍,王停平时很文静很老实,根本不会主动和人争吵。因太窝气,她选择服药自杀自证清白。   在王停的手机上,保存着一条1月31日发出的信息:“哥,我没骂过客人!我没有! 我吃了100多片晕车药,来证明我的清白!对不起!不要和任何人说。”   救护人员告诉记者,王停被送来之后,他们立即采取了救治措施。但因使用药量过大,王停开始出现抽搐甚至昏迷,情况越来越糟。郑州市中心医院主治医师赵雅彬介绍,王停自主呼吸非常微弱,心跳也非常微弱,一分钟仅有20次。2月3日凌晨3点左右,因抢救无效,家人放弃了进一步救治。   目前,王停已经被亲人送回老家住院治疗,病情没有任何好转。饭店老板愿意支付一定的赔偿,具体数额还在进一步协商。 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章:

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