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Faye Wong was praised after shouting "Hey mother" concert 1800- the lowest fare Beijing Beijing September 9 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi Li Meng) the evening of 9, Faye Wong appeared in Beijing, attended the "Faye Wong magic music a 2016" concert concert at the Shanghai conference, announced in December 30th. Compared to the previous unfailingly, Faye Wong today is the host is off the reel, his days shy when shouting "Hey mama". Since 2010, tour around the world, after 46 performances, Faye Wong has been in a state of rest. Tonight the conference site layout was very avant-garde, the organizers with a stereo projection projection LightScribe technology changing all kinds of curtain wall, Faye Wong wearing a blue dress appeared in the projection, causing the audience to scream. Hello everyone." Faye Wong appeared to greet the audience is polite, is praised by the host "days" after she shouted: "Hey Mama shy!" Playful side show. The concert of "Magic Music" to read "Yue" or "Le", Faye Wong said the two are the same, she smiled and said: "according to your understanding, to highlight the sense of fantasy, dream." Figure two: photo Li Meng photo reporter learned that, "the 2016 generation of a concert of" Magic Music "of up to $in the production cost of up to $50 million. Producer Ida Wong has worked with Faye Wong for many times, the music director served by Faye Wong old partner Zhang Yadong, famous director Chen Yiren continue to serve as director of video creation. Image design and modeling, responsible for the Titi Kwan, Zing and Vic Kwan. As for the repertoire, Faye Wong admitted that he had participated in the selection, will sing more than and 20 songs, "sing before the concert did not sing the song, I want to sing, of course, but also to take care of the audience to sing the songs they want half". For the concert, she bluntly, not to determine the quality of the length of time". Asked whether the invited daughter Dou Jingtong on the same stage, Faye Wong denied, "this is not, she must not play, because I never concert guests, but I appreciate the music of Maria Tung, will sing her song". Interestingly, Faye Wong had to be remembered unfailingly, today she is very talkative, not only twice shouting "Hey mother", also joked: "I say a lot of things, too many words, words." Referring to the style of the concert, Faye Wong revealed that the introduction of VR technology. Ask why just open one? She cheerfully said: "live well, the whole world can see." The broker Chen Jiaying explained that "a chat with Faye Wong one day, she said to the times, let fans around the world do not have to work so hard, every time to see the concert will be flown in from all sides, so we decided to cooperate with the Tencent video, live concert". Part of the interview, Faye Wong clarified this is not a "Farewell Tour", "I do not have this concept, want to try the webcast, farewell (performance) to me particularly formal, I do not take this way". Because Faye Wong did not appear in public, the media lamented her body shape is thin, to which Faye Wong responded with a smile: "I (Figure) has been also good, a lot of fat than before).相关的主题文章:

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