Environmental inspectors storm in the second half of the policy efforts or increase running man20130526

Environmental inspectors storm continued efforts under half policy or increase the Xinhua news agency in Beijing on September 7th new media news (reporter Gao Wei) the day before, the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate at the scene to carry out Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu and other 8 provinces of Heilongjiang, the inspectors work temporarily paragraph, this is the implementation of the new environmental law since the first large-scale environmental inspectors "heavy attack". 6, the reporter learned from the Ministry of environmental protection, Sichuan, Guizhou and other places have recently announced the focus on environmental issues, accelerate the improvement of environmental quality. At the same time, environmental law enforcement, environmental inspectors work accordingly. Sichuan Province Environmental Protection Bureau Director Jiang Xiaoting said, adhere to strike out, iron pollution, declared war on the outstanding environmental problems. Among them, for the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution tackling, Jiang Xiaoting requirements, and strive to 2020 the city average concentration of PM2.5 decreased more than 20%, more than 60% of the city (state) government where the annual concentration of PM2.5 city to meet the standards of the state. In order to achieve this goal, the Sichuan environmental protection system, put forward 5 directions: to promote the transformation and upgrade of ultra low emission enhancement, accelerate production capacity out of city motor vehicle pollution control, strengthening the strengthening of straw burning pollution prevention and control. Xu Jun Xinhua News Agency for the implementation of environmental protection responsibilities of Party committees and governments and relevant departments, Sichuan provincial Environmental Protection Bureau drafted the "division scheme of Sichuan province environmental protection responsibilities (Draft)". This is a clear plan to Party committees and governments at all levels (including towns and street offices) and 45 provincial departments of environmental protection responsibilities, the provincial departments of environmental protection work responsibilities 155, reflects the environmental protection of the party with responsibility, a pair of". Jiang Xiaoting said that the Sichuan provincial environmental protection department will make full use of good environmental protection, environmental law enforcement inspectors two powerful starting point, the former administrative supervision, the supervision of enterprises, hands simultaneously. In fact, in terms of political supervision, the Sichuan Provincial Government Environmental Protection Inspectorate group in June this year, the city of Deyang to carry out environmental inspectors, inspectors are currently on the inspectors to the city of Leshan. In the second half, will be completed in Guang’an, Luzhou, Dazhou inspectors. In order to enterprises, Sichuan environmental protection law enforcement inspection and environmental protection inspection activities as the carrier, severe blow snuck, illegal discharge of toxic and hazardous pollutants, illegal disposal of hazardous waste, not the normal use of pollution control facilities, falsified environmental monitoring data and other malicious violations. In July 2015, the central deep restructuring passed "environmental protection inspector program (Trial)", clearly pointed out to highlight environmental issues and major environmental accidents, environmental protection responsibility to implement ineffective place as the advanced object inspector. At the same time, the environmental protection scheme is put forward for the first time the party with responsibility of a pair of ", which means that the local Party committee and government will be an important basis to accept supervision, appointment as inspector the evaluation of leading cadres of the. In July this year, the first batch of central environmental inspectors were stationed in Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Henan, Guangxi, Yunnan, Ningxia 8 provinces, set off a storm of environmental inspectors. According to statistics, there are over 100 people due to environmental pollution and ecological damage by criminal detention; more than 2 thousand party and government departments who are accountable, most were given party and government.相关的主题文章:

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