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.puters-and-Technology Data protection and reliability issues are one of the top priorities for any business with critical digital information. While the importance of data is based on its value to an organization and effort spent to create it, the costs involved and often the significance of the data/information is not realized until it is temporarily or permanently unavailable. With the advancement of world-spanning .puter technologies, if data or information is not secured properly, it can be easily accessed by almost anyone. Technology can add value but without proper strategy and execution solution, data protection can be.e a convoluted issue. The digital era has brought with it exposure to more threats from every direction than ever before. Organizations have realized that the investment required to provide information protection, is far less than the cost derived from the lack of information availability, accessibility or recoverability. Organizations that are not protecting their data are highly vulnerable, as private and sensitive information can easily be misused. Threats can .e from both internal and external sources. As .panies today have be.e dependent on the efficiency and security of their data, a good data protection solution can help prevent data loss. Besides putting systems, processes and policies in place to reduce the chance of a data protection breach, a business must also deploy a .prehensive data protection framework solution across the information lifecycle. Technological improvements have brought about various data protection mechanisms to protect personal as well as organizational data from loss. Proper usage of all available data protection technologies helps contribute to business continuity and quick recovery during unexpected disasters. Implementing a holistic framework that includes data classification, data flow analysis and tools like data loss prevention (DLP), information rights management (IRM) is the key to effective data protection. A good data protection solution keeps information safe and ensures that the business .plies with relevant data protection rules and regulations. Security risks need to be managed effectively, collectively and proportionately, to achieve a secure and confident working environment. Partner with a service provider who can exercise adequate risk management frameworks . With a .prehensive analysis of data flow within and between organizational processes, organizations can identify and protect confidential information by building a governance framework, and implementing an effective data protection strategy. Enterprises can effectively implement data protection solutions to ensure regulatory .pliance, prevent the significant impact to business and reputation that is possible because of data loss. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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