Energy-saving but is foot Shao

But Chinese energy-saving foot Shao confirmed but energy-saving baseboard potato subsequently, the reporter contacted the Liangshan medical school Rupin week old Chinese medicine, he looked at the photograph of the "energy-saving" told reporters, "we know that artificial vessels look formed from the picture, with the same foot Polygonum multiflorum Shao, if there is a stone head the hard soil or extrusion, it is easy to deformation, even if there is no effect of a man, what special place. In the past there have been some fraud, with banana root, some with foot Shao, some artificial tuber of Polygonum multiflorum itself. As long as the seedlings transplanted to Polygonum multiflorum root of these things, put a hole in the wood box form can be, as long as the conditions are right in less than two years, will be able to grow to ten pounds." Reporters in the online search found all over the country have appeared "energy-saving", most of the expert judgment for artificial cultivation or fake, the market called from the site dug root, is the most with the humanoid mold will be planted in root than the mast, to create a strange image. Even if the "energy-saving" news reports, but there are still a lot of people fooled, October 27th, Yanyuan public Dai Xiaorong broke the news, and sell the "Millennium Heshouwu" in October 30th, de Chauncey Chaanning street, Lugu Lake Yanyuan; Li Dong (a pseudonym) and spent 3000 yuan to buy a energy-saving.相关的主题文章:

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