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Dongyu Zhou: a press 90 – entertainment channel — Dongyu Zhou starred in the first TV series "sparrow" is about to launch, in the play she played the romantic temperament of outstanding Xu Bicheng, is a bit stupid female agents. Since Dongyu Zhou is a play by the rules of the 90 actor, performing her unique form, often by the partners of praise and recognition. This in order to better interpret the role of Xu Bicheng, in the shooting of Dongyu Zhou repeatedly and always pay attention to you "stupid", in order not to be scolded the audience, she jokes that he tried hard to sell adorable. Do not follow the routine play 90 Dongyu Zhou praised performances unique in Spy Drama shot in September, Dongyu Zhou’s unique rookie set, ridicule female agents in a stream. Not only the unique role, Dongyu Zhou’s performance is also very unique form. In the play she has a large and opposite Zhang Ruoyun, Dongyu Zhou had commented "I have worked with the 90% in an interview with the actress are not quite the same, her ability in the field of sudden reaction is the test of the opponent take effect, accidentally shooting out of the good". Except in the first TV series "sparrow" is about to launch, starring Dongyu Zhou Anne. The movie "in July and she is also about to release". Her unique style of acting, is to obtain producer Peter Chan praise. Before the media preview, Peter Chan revealed: "Dongyu Zhou has a set of their own unique things for her to let us show, even the whole script can be changed, finally we see the interesting". The agent has a little stupid rookie Dongyu Zhou interpretation of female agents in the past with a different agent image, the image of the role Dongyu Zhou played in "sparrow" in closer to reality, beginning as a novice, has been to the side of the people are digging, repeatedly put his teammates into jeopardy. But after a battle and after the test, finally grew up to be a good spy, the audience can see her to the whole process from green to mature. In everyone’s minds, female agents are often IQ EQ, with body appearance. Xu Bicheng and the agent has a little stupid, in order to better interpret this role, Dongyu Zhou was repeatedly in the shooting, always pay attention to you "stupid" degree. Prior to the interview, once joked that "in order not to let the audience scold me on his teammates, I tried very hard to sell adorable". Spy war drama revolution "sparrow" will be landing screen in September 5th, this is the movie actor Dongyu Zhou’s screen debut, let the audience quite looking forward to. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章:

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