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Depth – "Zhu Yuanzhang" Lang Ping guide but who carved men? Men’s volleyball Asian Cup team sina sports 2016 men’s volleyball Asian Cup in Thailand ended last night in Nakhon Pathom, the flagship of the two young players Chinese men’s volleyball team in the final 1-3 defeat Iran runner up. Tokyo first team Chinese cycle, the young men still showed strong competitiveness, but the lack of experience, the details of the control is poor, and missed the championship. Gemini shine Beiqi volleyball Asian Cup was elected the best smash "cronyism" gossip Daoshuai breaking 14 season players to participate in the Asian Cup, 1992 born season is Daoshuai the team in the old team. In 2012, the team won the Asian Cup season Daoshuai champion, then the Rio Olympic cycle has become the main position of the main players Chinese’s rotation, and the flagship of the 2015 men’s Volleyball Championships and World Volleyball League competition, most experience. The game, the season played 6 games handsome Road, although the score is not the most in each game, but the role of both ends of the attack and defense is extremely critical. In other words, his role in the team like huireqi in women’s volleyball team. Jiangchuan and his teammates celebrate the game, start at the beginning of the controversial Beiqi volleyball teenager Liu Libin and Jiangchuan with their outstanding performance to help coach Li Mu smashed the "cronyism" rumors. The main Liu Libin was runner up in the men’s Volleyball Championship U21 main members also participated in the 2015 U23 men’s Volleyball Championships, and in the 2015-2016 season in the Premier League for the first time the flagship, have certain game experience. However, collusion Jiangchuan had never participated in the national team training camp in Beiqi volleyball has little debut, the Asian Cup suddenly as the main – inevitably criticised. Liu Libin also served as the No. 4 offensive Beiqi volleyball coach Li Mu in the game boldly two young, fruitful. Liu Libin used his shitailichen iron bastions like spike and block to suppress opponents, 6 games, 2 games scoring a team high 4 games, scoring second, and ultimately to the first Asian Cup finalists main team. Jiangchuan long wire and collusion attack, powerful, in all six games, in addition to the 14 finals to play in general was half-way off, group phase against Kazakhstan and Thailand, won the semi-final against the team scoring the final against Taipei and was the four games in Iran, and in a small group of the last game to get the second team high 19 points. The first time on behalf of the national team play and play the first teenager, it is not easy. Finally, Jiangchuan is also the embrace of Asian Cup fully deserve the best title. In addition to celebrate Liu Meng domineering, second place flagship Shandong teenager Liu Meng overall performance is also commendable. In just a month of training time, second to with a number of hand attack with considerable difficulty. However, Liu Meng and later joined the training with Jiangchuan only two weeks away wipe out a spark, two people with skill, and fully mobilize the Jiangchuan offensive firepower. For the first time in the national team main Liu Meng overall pass speed, rich tactical, far net fastball)相关的主题文章:

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