Comedy nine lives early point mapping Kevin Spacey won the praise of the new net – acting

Comedy "nine lives" early point mapping Kevin? – acting Spacey won the praise of Beijing posters in new network on 8 September, by Kevin Spacey, Christopher Walken,?? Jennifer? Garner and Robbie? Amer and other Hollywood star film comedy starring "nine lives", 7 days ahead of time in Beijing point, much praise. The comedy film "nine lives" by Barry? Sonnenfeld (director of "men in black") directed, tells the story of being overbearing president actor one day suddenly turned into a spell in a cat as a pet, the home made to make a general turmoil, a series of comedy drama story. 7, the film in Beijing early point mapping, and the many touching plots are hilarious, brain hole wide open story idea and meet the current era, as well as the very popular red net "Maoku meow Sir" and double winner Kevin? Spacey and the star acting, are alike. After watching a lot of viewers are excited to say that the film did not stay in the simple comedy, but about a warm heart story about the family. Some viewers said that after reading become "Maoku Mr." fans, "particularly want to go to a cat". In addition, the film Oscar award double winner Kevin Spacey’s performance is particularly amazing?. This is the first time he starred in the comedy role, performance and the president handed the father of the heart, the audience said, with Spacey in the film show, "be worth a statuette awarded to him". (end)相关的主题文章:

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