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Cherrie Ying tore the Red Net domineering group   broken the hearts of users — Entertainment Channel – music video "grandma said" the first season has aired nearly 2/3, the cumulative amount of playing broken billion. The eighth phase of the line for two hours, micro-blog caused a heated discussion, in one fell swoop to take the variety show TOP1, network variety show TOP2, the hottest online variety show TOP2, hour topic list TOP6. Network talk shows can not only Daka nets star cast, touch the sharp topic of traditional TV platform to chat, but also has a high degree of freedom, greatly improving the timeliness of the hot topic of character and the. As a pure network talk show, is often used with the current fire than the same type of program show "," wonderful "Venus" for comparison, but "grandma said" innovation in the program mode, the "Venus show" the hot social entertainment and celebrity interviews and "Tucao wonderful" interaction the debate mode together, let "grandma said" in many network ensemble in talent shows itself over the same period, attracted a large number of young people’s eye. This week’s "grandma said" talked about the current society is also relatively hot hot topic: if your friend is a small three, you want to persuade her?". This problem may be mentioned, most people would think from a moral point of view should help a friend rein, but Mou Zi Wen had a different opinion, he thinks that true love is no sooner or later, there may be a mistress of true love. The "sister" Jin Ming Qi tough think most in the world should not exist is the mistress. When it comes to before Monday to see the mistress, "Yao Di Zhang Zixuan, the third party, Baoqiang Wang because his wife derailment and raise a Babel of criticism of the recent news of divorce and trouble, the entertainment circle of marriage, always broken the hearts of users, the same as the mistress, life, entertainment affair, small three successful host are also many but more is the end. This week, "grandma said" guests Cherrie Ying, Jordan Chan and others envy happy marriage. But before marriage, a rich young man Yan Jordan Chan has constantly scandal, married a few years ago because the girls had their Jordan Chan provoked Cherrie Ying micro-blog to claim sovereignty at mistress thus obtained, many users point of praise. Grandma broke the news Cherrie Ying at the wedding, the scene broadcast Jordan Chan scandal magazine video, called the world’s most cattle X star". Cherrie Ying did not attend the wedding scene asked grandma, grandma was so domineering compelling words. Grandma and Cherrie Ying is a bestie, but also provoke the smell of gunpowder, Cherrie Ying abandon grandma is not polite, said Grandma cornered turned to be the host, grandma Cherrie Ying did not go straight return chat show. At grandma is not enough, Cherrie Ying broke out on the spot strength group first Tucao milk powder, abandon Miaomiao makeup jumping scene, called I Xu Jiali cup giant chest "nurse", "hair end Tucao Tucao clothing, pheasant brother" domineering woman. Next week, "grandma said" another bestie, will go to grandma’s favorite topic, news of Huang Yi. When it comes to online has been black, Huang Yicheng used to good. Always playing others but because Huang Yi got a divorce to raise a Babel of criticism of her, for her daughter, what can)相关的主题文章:

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