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A woman in Chengdu 90 after "1040 MLM" lost 150 thousand savings – Beijing as a "fellow townsman two or three years can become a millionaire" projects ", 90 students Xiaojiang had given up a small business in Chongqing, but also to catch the 150 thousand savings. However, when she was still on the dream of getting rich, full of fantasy, was the police eyeing. In November 1st, the Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau Shuangliu District Bureau informed the large organization, together with the recently uncovered leadership pyramid schemes case, more than 70 people were arrested, including 90 students like the same version. At present, the organization of more than 70 sales personnel by the Public Security Bureau Shuangliu District detention for organization leadership pyramid schemes crime, its core leadership members have been arrested in Shuangliu District procuratorate. "Two or three years can earn millions of 90 pay 150 thousand savings in February this year, Shuangliu District Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade received a report from the masses, a district often have a group of people in a meeting. After Mopai, police found that the district does have a 1040 chain operation in the name of the organization of pyramid schemes. After six months of investigation, the police in September 1st, while the organization in Dongsheng Street in a restaurant will meet the scene Danghuo more than and 50 people. In the double multiple cells, the police Danghuo has more than 20 sales organization. Just graduated from the University of Xiaojiang is one of them. The original version, a small business in Chongqing, because the villagers asked her to double the clothing business, and claimed that "two or three years can earn tens of millions," her heart. I did not expect this to go, it was stuck, and the 150 thousand yuan savings all invested in. To deceive the public, the MLM organization does not limit the marketing personnel’s personal freedom is not turned over to mobile phone. Until now, Xiaojiang also not aware of himself involved in MLM organizations. In order to develop offline, she also went to the online personals. But "rich dream" has failed to achieve, after the Spring Festival this year from the "membership" until September was arrested, Xiaojiang not to a person, invested 150 thousand also boondoggle. Pull the head to earn rebates but ultimately no one make money it is understood that the project that can easily become millionaires, but need to join the threshold. First to subscribe qualifications, the first qualification of 3800 yuan, after each is $3300. Buy a copy can become a trainee salesman. Shuangliu District Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade deputy commander Shi Benxian introduced, the system is divided into internship clerk, business leader, director of the owners, business managers and CEOs of 5 levels, "the new entrants will directly pay 69800 yuan, to become the director level, and then pull the head into the holding." Shi Benxian said that in recent years, the "1040 chain" has become the largest MLM organization, "mostly want to utilize the psychological flourishes through deception, pull the head to earn rebates, but it could get much rebate, for ordinary MLM members, is a nightmare." The block of more than 70 MLM personnel, often the highest level, there are more than and 600 people off the assembly line, but did not make money." The police reminded not to believe "overnight" sales report MLM police said, the biggest feature is the advocate "overnight cleaning相关的主题文章:

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