Carina Lau melted all of Tony Leung’s cold and made him look like a child-9c8950

Carina Lau Tony Leung melted all the high cold, let him become like a child about how little sister Zhang Jike obsessed husband, believe in every follow you should see her, together can actually push the whole Koko husband special cause. Most fans began to sister unable to extricate themselves, is the abuse of rival Koko while not cool to a friend of the high cold face. Although the cold behind is a scam 23333 (see Figure 1 in the push), but the high cold iceberg male god image is always a strong resistance to the sister can not resist the description of the drug…… Let the little sister immersed in the fantasy can not be described the longest, but also the most unable to extricate themselves, it is the debut of 34 years of high cold melancholy image never shaken the first male god – Tony Leung! How tall is Tony Leung? I’m afraid this is the only thing Carina Lau will know, she recently in the media visit and in the "we", revealed a lot of the details of the high cold Tony Leung. Tony Leung introverted not love social as we all know, even some can not afford to push the wedding dinner, so most of the time is a person sitting on his lips, boring looking around. But passers by to see the big star will inevitably want to pick up, according to Carina Lau (Chu) description (MAI), it was almost approached the set: "I love you, I respect you a glass of wine." Like a young girl so young people, even if there are ten thousand "Excuse me?"" Also, in order not to drink a little awkward symbolic. But we are not so high and cold, but directly choking back: "why should I drink with you?" In "we come", the program group obviously gave Carina Lau appearance fees, because although the guest list only in Carina Lau, but in fact the name of Tony Leung almost in the appearance rate high, almost every episode has us Wuli Tony cue…… Together with the "we have come," a young generation of goddesses who are all fans of Tony Leung sister, every day to urge her sister called her husband (DA) Fu (chi) Kam (Dou) reward. Carina Lau from "we" to the premiere conference began to pull Tony Leung out, "I very much hope that he can come on a reality show, because we only see one side of his face, in fact he has a lot of, but the mark is not easy, I hope that through this program can attract." But until the program aired half, Tony didn’t in time and again "come out""…… Carina Lau in the program Tony Leung Tucao, even so high and cold, still suffer from the director and the audience loved before the script "piled up", and can only be compared everywhere seeking good script of their own, Carina Lau can be described as love hate and jealousy. Work even if, in family life, the marriage of Tony Leung have been doing shuaishouzhanggui, decoration are completely ignored, entirely to fix Carina Lau. According to Carina Lau, Tony Leung in the decoration before carrying a small box on the left, the rest time ask you finished it, then all the furnishings are put out, the gentleman again carrying a small box in the house door…… Although the little sister feels like a man.相关的主题文章:

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