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UnCategorized Lots of people inevitably associate the low carb diet phenomenon with meat, meat and and more meat. After all it’s all about high protein, high fat as well as low carb – precisely the things that are associated with eating animal flesh. Well the good news is there is no reason at all why vegetarians and even vegans cannot successfully lose weight on a low carb diet, or even why the typical .mercially successful programs such as Atkins or the Zone diet cannot be adapted and applied for vegetarian use. If you are a typical lacto-ovo vegetarian you can easily follow any program simply by substituting meat with egg or dairy options – indeed it has been stated that a fresh, free range organic hens egg is the perfect low carb protein, typically containing less than half a gram of carbs. Dairy foods such as cheese can certainly form part of a low carb vegetarian diet, but you do have to watch the calorie load – how ever many carbs you omit, if you consume more calories than you burn off in a day, you will gain weight rather than lose it, so do be careful. For vegans, and all vegetarians, tofu is a fantastic low carb food that is packed with protein, and can be used in any low carb program including the induction phase of Atkins. It is also an excellent substitute for meat in any mainstream low carb recipes. If you are not used to cooking and eating tofu, or have had previous bad experience with it, do try not to be put off by the bland appearance and taste – tofu is fantastic at absorbing any flavours you put with it, try marinading and grilling for delicious Tempeh and seitan are also great low carb protein sources that are 100% vegan and easy to substitute for meat in various meals Nuts and other pulses are also excellent low carb protein sources, that are .pletely vegan. And you can of course enjoy a wide selection of delicious fresh vegetables and even some fruits – avoid the starchy ones such as bananas etc. The main thing to remember when you are planning a low carb vegetarian diet is that EVERYTHING contains some net carbs – there simply arent the range of 100% protein options for you that the flesh eaters ‘enjoy’… whilst many foods are low carb, those quarter grams here and there add up quickly, especially if you are following an induction program or carb-cleanse – for example Atkins re.mends no more than 20g per day in the initial phase. So the secret is to count, carefully and accurately, you keep track of it all successfully. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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