California Home Mortgage Lenders Offer Zero-downpayment

Real-Estate If there is one thing California home mortgage lenders can tell you, it is this: it is now easier than ever to buy a house. The biggest deterrent to home ownership has always been the downpayment. Until recently, it is standard practice for California home mortgage lenders to require a downpayment equivalent to 20 percent of the purchase price. Few people have this much cash, and because of this, few people are able to avail of loans. According to the National Association of Realtors, however, it is now possible to own a home with zero-downpayment. Mortgages like these are not granted by fly-by-night operators who take on ‘no documentation’ or ‘bad credit’ loans in exchange for abnormally high interest rates, but by duly licensed California home mortgage lenders. All you need to avail of these zero-down programs is decent credit rating. What are these programs that require no downpayment? 100% Financing If you have a credit score of above 580, many California home mortgage lenders will offer you 100 percent financing. Under this financing, you are granted two loans. The first loan .es with low interest and covers 80 percent of the cost. The second .es with higher interest and covers the remaining 20 percent of the price. On the other hand, should your credit score be 620 or higher, some California home mortgage lenders might let you qualify for loans that cover 103, 104, or 107 percent of the selling price. The percentage in excess of 100 percent will go towards payment of closing costs. Fixer-upper Loans Check with your state’s Department of Housing and .munity Development to find out what their policies are towards fixer-upper loans. A fixer-upper loan is typically granted to people who choose properties that meet two conditions: first, they require major renovations; second, they are located in neighborhoods targeted for .munity revitalization. Seller Assistance Many sellers are in a rush to sell their homes, and you can use this to your advantage. Sellers who are unable to find buyers for their properties will go through extra lengths to help you purchase them. The wisest thing to do, in this case, is set up a lease purchase agreement. How does this work? You sign a contract agreeing to buy the house at a set price after a year or two. While still unable to pay for the purchase price in full, however, you live in the house and pay rent. The seller will deduct the rent you pay from the purchase price. Servicemen Loans If you are a veteran or are presently in the military, its easy for you to avail of a no-downpayment loan through the Department of Veteran Affairs. You may check out the department’s list of authorized California home mortgage lenders online. Government Assistance The government has plenty of grants given to homeowners to reduce the home ownership gap. Though these grants are not widely known, they are easily available to mortgage applicants with low, particularly those belonging to minorities. Visit the website of the Department of Housing and Urban Development for a list of the different home ownership assistance provided by non-profit groups, as well as state and local governments. These zero-downpayment programs have flung the doors to home ownership wide open. Today, people with good credit scores but little cash have fewer obstacles to hurdle in getting decent housing. You could be one of them, too. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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