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British politicians: China British innovation research cooperation choice – Beijing, China News Agency, Shanghai, September 23 (Li Shuzhi) 2016 Pujiang Innovation Forum opened in Shanghai 23. UK universities and science minister Jo Johnson said at the opening ceremony, Chinese is the best choice for British cooperation in the field of innovation studies. Jo Johnson said the UK looks forward to strengthening cooperation with China, which is a complementary partner. He said that China and the United Kingdom through cooperation to obtain better research and development results; in the joint efforts of both sides, the new technology can move faster to the market. Chinese why become choice British cooperation in the field of innovation studies? Jo Johnson said that both China and the United States have attached great importance to the development of innovation and technology. In addition, investment Chinese of scientific research and innovation funds, Chinese research quality is rising fast; at the same time, Chinese "13th Five-Year" planning will also be included in the innovation driven development strategy, clearly pointed out the need to lead the economic development by innovation. In the morning, the British official data show that since 2014, the Sino British Joint Scientific Innovation Fund (also known as the Newton Fund) has invested 220 million pounds for the Sino British joint project with more than 220 cooperation in the amount of 37. According to the introduction of Jo Johnson, China and the United Kingdom in many important areas of cooperation has been very good, for example, antibiotic resistance, human health, etc.. "We are now looking to the future, planning a more long-term future cooperation." He said. (end)相关的主题文章:

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