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UnCategorized Box, bridge, and modular employee personal storage lockers can be adapted to any floor plan. These specialized units are designed to ac.modate the storage of valuables, equipment, and clothing even within the confines of limited space. Security and vandal resistance are high priorities, because these units are typically installed in high traffic areas where even normal wear and tear can take their toll on storage equipment. The basic design of each storage unit resembles that of a box. This boxlike unit is then .bined with other, identical units into an arrangement where specific environments, numbers of users, and storage particulars must be anticipated and ac.modated. Most box, bridge, and modular employee personal storage units are made from metal. The 16 gauge steel makes them highly resistant to excessive wear and tear. It also provides them with sufficient vandal resistance that they prove durable in heavy traffic environments such as airports, theme parks, and bus stations. Security is even better with these storage units. Box storage lockers, for example, can be fitted with a number of lock types, including keypad locks and .bination locks. If humidity, sweat, odor, or other issues pertaining to stagnant air are of concern to a facility, then these lockers can be ordered with a vented design that allows for the free and constant circulation of air. Box over lockers simply place a single box unit at the top of a vertical storage unit so that the employee can separate clothing and equipment storage accordingly. Some box, bridge, and modular employee storage lockers take a very creative approach to adapting this rudimentary design to more specialized storage requirements. When space is particularly scare, bridge lockers are typically the favored choice of organizations. Not only do the individual units offer superior storage space and security, but the way they are arranged makes even better use of floor space than your typical multi-tiered configuration of rows and columns. Bridge box lockers, as their name indicates, resembled a bridge spanning two columns on either side. Each column, so to speak, is actually .posed box lockers arranged vertically, one on top of the other. A horizontal row of boxes spans the top. Each of these locker boxes can ac.modate a single user. Additionally, the space just below the upper, horizontal row is fitted with a coat rod that employees can use to hang nice clothes without fear of getting them wrinkled. An even more innovative box, bridge, and modular employee storage locker design may be needed by certain organizations and school athletic departments. This is the ventilated or windowed door modular locker design. Vented doors allow for full circulation of air, and they also make locker users feel that they have more privacy when it .es to storing valuables because visibility into the locker interior is limited. Schools and other facilities can choose to limit how much privacy their box, bridge, and modular employee storage lockers will afford individual users, however. For any school concerned about possible contraband issues, full windows can be installed in modular locker doors. When these concerns are not as high, partial or full privacy can be achieved with window or vented door design. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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